How to check Jazz Number 100% Working Codes in 2022

How to check Jazz Number? 100% Working Codes in 2022

How to check Jazz Number? Jazz is Pakistan’s most popular mobile network, with millions of customers. I explained how to check Jazz balance in the previous article, as well as several Jazz balance check codes. In this essay, I will demonstrate how to verify Jazz numbers without balance. If you have a Jazz/Mobilink SIM card in your phone but don’t know the number, this page will help you find out by Jazz number check code:

1.      Dial *99# to check Jazz number

  • Dial *99# from your mobile phone and
  • Press the call icon
  • Your phone number will appear on the screen.
  • Without charges

To get started, enter your dialer and call the jazz number check code *99#. After a little while, your phone number will appear on the screen. This number check code is completely free, with no additional or hidden fees.

2. Send text message ‘MNP’ to ‘667’ to check Jazz Number

  • Launch the text message app.
  • MNP is the new message.
  • Please send it to 667
  • You will get message specifics including a mobile number, the name of the SIM owner, and the date of activation.
  • Small fees will be levied.

First, launch your text messaging app on your Android or iPhone. Simply enter the new message MNP and send it to 667. After a few seconds, you’ll get a new message with your phone number, SIM owner’s name, and activation date. This jazz sim owner name check code is not free, and there will be a little fee for each Jazz number check inquiry.

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Remember that you may use this approach to check Zong numbers as well as those of other mobile providers such as Ufone, Telenor, and Warid. Find the Zong MBs check code as well.

3. Call 111 to talk with the Jazz agent

If the above two codes do not satisfy you, call Jazz helpline 111 to speak with a Jazz advisor. The agent will ask you for personal information such as your CNIC, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, and so on. The representative will provide you with your Jazz number after validating your identification. Calls to speak with an agent will incur costs.


How can I find out what my SIM card number is?

Simply send a fresh text message to MNP to 667 to check any SIM number. The SMS message will include your phone number, CNIC, SIM owner’s name, and date of activation. As a result, minor fees for this SIM number check code will be imposed.

How can I find out what my jazz number is?

Dial *99# from your phone and then tap the phone icon. Your Jazz number will display on your smartphone screen in a split second. *99# is the Free Jazz number check code.

How can I find out who owns my SIM card?

Write MNP in a new text message. Send this text message to 667 immediately. You will receive an SMS along with the SIM owner.

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