Touring Elon Musk's Incredible $50,000 Tiny House

Touring Elon Musk’s Incredible $50,000 Tiny House

Elon Musk’s incredible $50,000 tiny house has been touring the internet recently, largely due to it being used as the guest house of his weekend mansion in Texas. His tiny house started out as an experiment to build a comfortable and stylish structure at the lowest possible cost. The resulting tiny house was purchased by Musk and currently serves as one of his many weekend houses scattered around the United States and Europe.

Inside Elon Musk’s $50K Awesome Guesthouse

Elon Musk’s Incredible $50,000 Tiny House

Elon Musk is an electric car tycoon and chief executive of SpaceX, who bought this incredible prefab tiny house in Texas. It’s the coolest guesthouse we’ve ever seen! The futuristic one-room cabin offers gorgeous panoramic views of Musk’s Broken O Ranch – and it comes with two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and stunning sculptures that artist Antoine Predock made specifically for Musk. At $50,000 it’s not cheap but it could be yours if you’re quick. as it’s one of only three available in the world today. What do you think? Would you like to stay here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Elon Musk’s Incredible $50,000 Tiny House

Elon Musk’s incredible $50,000 tiny house is a fully-customized designer build. The desk and bed are from Ikea, the shower is from a boat supply store, and the window coverings are from Home Depot. Overall this tiny home has changed more lives than just his own.

This tiny house makes it possible for him to live a very fulfilling life without all of the headaches that come with living in a large home. Not only is it easy and convenient to clean, but he has more time to spend on his passions and goals.

Second Look Inside an Inflatable Guesthouse That Can Fit In Your Backyard: Tesla founder Elon Musk owns a stunning glass house in Bel Air that is 20,248 square feet. But it’s not enough space for all of his guests! So he also owns what looks like an inflatable guesthouse that was designed by Foster + Partners and built by WinSun Global as part of their largest-ever project.

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Elon Musk’s Incredible $50,000 Tiny House is an awesome, prefabricated cabin that’s very similar to the Canadian Trailer Park homes we love so much.

It belongs to billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk and has been spotted in Texas. It’s a prefabricated cabin that was built for about $50,000.00 USD by KangaDo, a company based out of Canada. At 70 square feet, it may seem small but it comes complete with solar panels and a composting toilet — so you could say it offers more amenities than your average Canadian home. This 70-square-foot tiny house is an awesome miniature trailer that can be put on your property or rented to traveling visitors while they stay at your Airbnb home or travel nearby. We love trailers in Canada – you can check out our guide below!

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When Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered to donate $1 million to a museum in Flint, Michigan dedicated to the water crisis, many people were wondering what the catch was. Musk’s offer followed weeks of sniping at big players like Pepsi and Walmart for not supporting relief efforts. Now we know. On Thursday night, the Museum opened with an admission price of $12, less than half the cost of a movie ticket in most markets. It features 10 exhibit areas with more than 300 interactive displays, covering everything from Henry Ford inventing both the car and the assembly line to America’s love affair with plastic bottles that ended up being perfect for lemonade stands on hot summer days

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When living in a small space, it can be difficult to heat the whole house without constantly feeling like you’re working up a sweat. Here are some tips for staying warm without heating the whole house:

* Keep your sleep area as warm as possible. You should be sleeping comfortably with blankets and have plenty of fresh air. Keeping the temperature of your bedroom at 65 degrees is comfortable, but not necessary if you can find ways to keep your body warm and ventilate properly.

* Wear clothes to bed.

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