Signed Out: How to Log Out of Your Google Account

Signed Out: How to Log Out of Your Google Account

You’ve probably signed into your Google account countless times without giving it much thought. However, you might be surprised to know that logging out of your Google account isn’t as simple as closing the browser window or app you’re using. To make sure your data stays safe, here’s how to log out of your Google account on desktop and mobile devices, along with other helpful tips to keep in mind when signing in and out of your Google account in the future.

How to sign out on Desktop

Google’s recent Consent and Sharing Update is prompting many users to sign out of their Google account for privacy reasons. If you want to learn how to sign out of your Google account on a desktop, this guide can help. Simply log in and click the Sign Out button in the top right corner of the screen. You will need your password or a method like your phone, which will be used for second-factor authentication. The website itself needs you connected in order for certain actions like going back through your browsing history, making it easier than ever before to track and monitor user activity across platforms.

How to sign out from Android

Logging out of your Google account can also be done on your Android device. Tap on the recent app icon (three parallel lines) in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and scroll down to log out. Once you have successfully logged out, a lock will appear in the upper left-right corner of your display with a text box for your password. You will then be asked to confirm this is what you want to do by tapping yes or no. If it is, just enter your password and hit yes. You should then see that you are no longer signed into Google Play Store.

How to logout from iOS

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen on your iOS device and scroll until you see Settings. This can also be done by navigating through the app menu with five or six icons at the bottom. 2. Scroll down and tap on Accounts. 3. At the top, tap on Google then tap Sign out.

How to log out from Android? To sign out on your Android device, follow these steps. 1. Swipe down from any screen and tap on your profile icon at the top-right. 2. Scroll down until you see an option labeled Google, then tap it to open it up. 3.

Final note

Signing out of your Google account is a must if you share the same device with other people or if you have multiple Google accounts. Additionally, by signing out of Google on your computer, you’re logged out of all of the associated applications, like Gmail and Drive. Clicking log out or sign out on the menu will log you off all active sessions. If you want to end your session but stay signed in (for example, if you’re using a public computer), click exit and an are you sure? prompt will appear.

If you’re signed in on more than one device with your account, you’ll get a confirmation prompt if you click log out. From there, you can choose to sign out on that device only or on all devices. Either way, after a few seconds, your session will end and your account will be signed out everywhere. On mobile devices, touch and hold the back button to access the navigation menu. Then tap Sign out in the upper-right corner. You can also find a sign-out option under Settings (or More Settings) > Accounts & privacy > Google > Sign Out. After signing out from a device using a password or PIN entry method (if enabled), additional steps may be required—like entering your password again—to confirm that you want to sign out everywhere.

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