NFL Preseason: How to Livestream Games in 2022

NFL Preseason: How to Livestream Games in 2022

If you love football, but don’t want to pay $130 or more to watch the preseason in person, then you’re in luck: Livestreaming services are here to help. The NFL preseason kicks off on August 8 with the first of four games, and while many fans will be watching the games on TV, it may be easier and cheaper to stream them online instead of paying the high cable bill that comes with cable sports networks like ESPN, CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports Network, Fox Sports 1 and 2 and regional sports networks.

Live stream the pre-season with an over-the-air antenna

As you look forward to the 2022 NFL preseason, you may be wondering how to live stream the games. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult! With an over-the-air antenna, streaming channels like YouTube TV and Hulu Live, and a few apps such as WatchESPN and CBS Sports App on your phone or tablet, there are plenty of ways to watch any game you want. As with any other type of television programming though, broadcast channels are prone to blackout restrictions. This means that if you’re in a region that offers home games for the teams playing in your game (Fox Sports Detroit will broadcast games involving Detroit Lions home games) then ESPN is often unavailable outside those regions. Be sure to check regional blackout restrictions before deciding where to purchase your viewing access!

Sign up for CBS All Access and stream live online

In order to watch live games, you’ll need to download the CBS All Access app. Once you’ve signed up for the app (either on an Apple device or Android), click Live on the home screen and choose from any of the currently airing games. You can also scroll to find out when a game will be streaming live — if you want to know before kickoff, start with the bottom of the list and work your way up. If that doesn’t give you enough info, use the search feature at the top of this page to find out which team will be playing and when. NFL fans everywhere can sign up for CBS All Access and stream live online without additional subscription costs via CBS Sports HQ or through their affiliate’s live streaming service depending on where they are located.

Stream on mobile devices with Verizon Wireless

With NFL Preseason starting up this week, we’ll be getting our first look at the teams’ rookies and most recent free agent signings. Livestreaming on mobile devices with Verizon Wireless is a must for any fan since not all games will be televised live on TV.

Use DirecTV Now

The NFL Preseason kicks off Thursday night and will continue through Aug. 28. All games are available to watch on either the NFL Game Pass or through a CBS All Access subscription, but not all channels can be watched outside of your home area. Livestreaming is the best option if you’re traveling outside of your viewing area, and there are a few ways to do that this year.

Use Sling TV

## How to Livestream NFL Games in 2022 with Sling TV

To Livestream the NFL preseason or any of the regular season games from your phone, computer, tablet, or another device, you’ll need a good streaming service. There are plenty of options out there that offer everything from in-season football coverage to extensive back catalogs for sports diehards to enjoy at their leisure. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together this handy guide about how to watch NFL games all season long with one of our favorite streaming services: Sling TV.

Watch with Playstation Vue

Watching the NFL in 2022 has never been easier. There are several streaming services that offer a cable-free way to tune in and watch your favorite team, with choices from Sling TV to Playstation Vue, and Hulu to DirectTV Now. But the service that streams most NFL games is Playstation Vue, which costs $40 a month. If you want access to all games as they’re happening, then go for it. But if you want just access to preseason and regular season games (because quite frankly who doesn’t), you can subscribe to Playstation Vue at $45 a month and gain full access to CBS and NBC’s Sunday Night Football as well as select other live broadcasts.

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