How to make an End Portal in 'Minecraft' to find the game's final boss

How to make an End Portal in ‘Minecraft’ to find the game’s final boss

Minecraft has its own final boss, but the game doesn’t tell you exactly how to find it. Instead, players usually stumble across the Ender Dragon and defeat it without realizing they’re fighting Minecraft’s final challenge. If you want to know how to make an End Portal in ‘Minecraft’ and use it to find the game’s final boss, keep reading!

Find your three pieces of obsidian

You can find your three pieces of obsidian by mining or using your pickaxe. Remember to make sure that the obsidian isn’t cracked in the crafting bench; if it is, you will need to search for another piece. Once you’ve found the right blocks, start off by going to the center of your house and building a platform. Next, place one block in all four corners except for the top-right corner (where there’s only a surface block) – this should leave you with a 1x1x2 pit.

Prepare yourself

If you’re ready to find the game’s final boss and end ‘Minecraft’ for good, follow these instructions to create a portal. Follow the video below as a guide:

– Collect nine diamond blocks and five iron blocks in one of your game’s top corners, and take them over to the other corner. These will be used to create the frame that all other blocks are placed on. Be sure not to place any of these near the corner where the portal’s going to spawn.

– Set four diamond blocks in a line vertically (not diagonally), but leave one column open from left to right so you can get out at any time.

Put the pieces together correctly

It’s not too difficult to find the final boss in ‘Minecraft’ but you have to follow a few steps. Find some obsidian and 2 diamonds, then place them in the middle of a 5×5 platform on top of bedrock. Next, light the obsidian with flint and steel to create a portal, which will send you to the final boss fight.

Go through the portal, then left twice

To find the game’s final boss, you’ll need to travel through the portal and go left twice. Make sure to be wearing the boots of your choice when going through this portal. Congratulations, you’ve now beaten ‘Minecraft’!

Wait for night and kill everything you see on sight

While it is possible to find the final boss in ‘Minecraft’ by heading to the coordinates x y z, a more elaborate way of doing so is to create a portal.

First, you’ll need at least 10 obsidian blocks. Start by laying one block down and building four square layers above it in a rectangle shape. Once you’ve built all five layers, place the remaining blocks on top so that they’re just touching the corner pieces and sticking out beyond the edges of the bottom layer. Make sure that all four of your corners are secure before placing any blocks on them or they’ll fall through when you try to build on top of them.

Get killed by Enderman after 10 seconds

For the uninitiated, making your way to the game’s final boss Ender Dragon can be a difficult endeavor. If you take the wrong steps along the way, you’ll wind up back at your initial spawn point. With a little bit of knowledge, though, you can use an End Portal to find the game’s final boss in ‘Minecraft.’ What’s great about making your own end portal is that it’s super easy to do.

-Collect some obsidian blocks (I used 14)

-Destroy the top layer of bedrock over the obsidian block space in which you want to build your portal

Repeat till you get killed by a blaze

You will need to find the game’s final boss: The Ender Dragon. To find it, create an end portal by going 5 blocks in any direction and marking a 5×5 rectangle on the ground. This will create a 3×3 hole in the middle. Add 2 more blocks to each side of this hole, making a 13×13 surface that needs to be filled with lava or water (either one). Afterward, fill the empty spaces within the 13×2 pillar with obsidian blocks. Your goal is to recreate the walls around you and stay inside this area while not getting killed by mobs or drowned by water or suffocated by lava.

Check your inventory after death – if there’s a dragon egg, congratulations! You’ve found the ender dragon. If not, repeat until successful.

To locate the ender dragon in ‘Minecraft,’ you first need to find a portal. The portal can be created by using eight obsidian blocks and arranging them in a circle on the ground. An end portal consists of five vertically-aligned rings of three blocks, which form five upside-down J’s around the outside. If a dragon egg is found in your inventory after death, congratulations! You’ve found the ender dragon.

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