Hulu's Price Hike A Complete Breakdown

Hulu’s Price Hike: A Complete Breakdown

Hulu announced today that the streaming service will be increasing its monthly price in October, just in time for the fall TV season. The standard plan will jump from $7.99 to $8.99 per month, and the commercial-free tier will cost $4 more at $12.99 per month. This makes Hulu Plus more expensive than HBO Now, but still significantly cheaper than Netflix ($9/month). But what does that mean for you?

How much does Hulu cost?

With Hulu’s price hike, you’ll see an increase to the $11.99 plan, the most popular and basic plan. Additionally, there will be a $13.99 a month for the no commercials plan. If you’re thinking about canceling your service in light of this price hike, here’s a complete cost breakdown to help you decide what you should do.

Hulu’s Price Hike:

-Basic Plan (most popular plan): $11.99/month before October – now $13.99/month ($2 more) -No Commercials Plan: now $13.99/month ($1 more)

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What will change with the price hike?

Price changes are coming to Hulu! The popular streaming service will be increasing its pricing starting October 12th. You can now choose from either a commercial-free plan for $12 a month or two plans with commercials for $7 and $11 respectively. Let’s take a look at the full breakdown below!

*100% Commercial Free

Hulu Basic ($5/month) Hulu No Commercials ($6/month) Hulu Limited Commercials ($11/month) Hulu Unlimited ($12/month)

*50% Commercial Free + 50% Commercials, But Lower Price Plans

Does this affect my subscription now?

Unfortunately, for some customers, yes! But it will only affect your plan in a few different ways. First off, the base plan with ads is now called the Hulu + Live TV Plan, but all other features are unchanged. It’s just not free anymore. Second, the $2 increase from last year’s price of $10 per month will impact customers who still want to subscribe to Hulu on its own–now priced at $12 per month–as well as those who want to bundle Hulu with Showtime (at a total monthly cost of $18). The most popular bundle is without a doubt the Gold Plan ($14 per month), which bundles together both services and also includes access to HBO Now and Prime Video.

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How do I cancel my membership before the price increase happens?

To help prepare for the increase, we’ve put together a list of steps to take to help avoid unexpected charges. We also broke down how much you will be paying per month for each service plan.

-Click on My Account and then Cancel Subscription in the navigation bar

-Select your reason for cancellation (Hulu’s price hike, not interested in Hulu content)

-You may receive an email asking if you would like to save your account with a discount on the upcoming price change (Hulu’s new plan will give viewers access to ad-supported TV). This is up to you but make sure that if you decide to save your account, Hulu will have access to some personal information.

How much more will my bill go up with the price hike?

As of October 1, 2019, all Hulu plans will increase by $2 per month. The All Access plan is increasing from $8 to $10 a month, the Limited Commercials plan is going up from $6 to $8 a month, and the No Commercials plan is increasing from $12 to $14 a month. This means that an average Hulu subscriber will be paying about 20% more per year for their service with this price hike. However, there are more than just monthly price increases that will have an impact on your wallet and Hulu usage:

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What if I don’t want to pay more?

Hulu’s price hike is to be live on October 12th, 2018, and it means that for the first time ever, viewers will have to pay $8.99 a month instead of $7.99 or $4.99 a month for a limited commercial version. Though many subscribers are unhappy with the decision, there are several perks associated with being subscribed to Hulu and many don’t want to miss out. With such a long list of benefits, it may not seem like Hulu’s price increase is too bad in comparison – so let’s break down all of your options when the cost change takes effect!

How can I lower my bill and keep it low?

There are a few ways to save money and keep your monthly bill low. An obvious way is to cut the number of devices you use to stream from Hulu on at one time. Another option is reducing the number of shows that you watch through Hulu, either by removing them from your list or reducing the number of episodes you choose for automatic streaming. If you don’t mind losing access to a specific show and don’t care about future episodes, then unsubscribing can save some money too. These changes may not seem like much, but they will help lower your overall expenses with no fuss.

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Can I still get all the channels I subscribe to today?

You can still subscribe to any of Hulu’s pricing plans, but channels are now included in the base package. Hulu announced a price hike for October 2019, with new prices for some current subscribers. So what will this mean for you? In the coming months, you’ll see an increase to $8.99/month (up from $7.99) if you are on a monthly subscription or to $11.99/month (up from $9.99) if you were previously on an annual plan. The good news is that this increase doesn’t affect customers who pay using virtual currency in the app-only plan or those who have been grandfathered into the older plans since April 2014 when Hulu launched its monthly service tier.

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