The 8 Best Business Books to Read in 2022: A Goodreads Member's Ranking

The 8 Best Business Books to Read in 2024

Would you like to read some good business books? We all do, right? But finding the best business books can be difficult and time-consuming (especially if you don’t know which ones are worth your time).

Luckily, Goodreads members have taken care of that for you! In this list of the 29 best business books to read in 2022, you will find some great picks from various genres of business books, including management, technology, marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, productivity, and career development.

1. Start with Why

If you’ve got a hunch about why your customers prefer your product over the competition, this is where you want to start. The principles of Start with Why are that before you spend any more time or money on your business idea, answer these two questions: 1) Why do I exist? 2) Why should anyone care? If the answers are not immediately obvious, this book will guide you through how (and why) those two questions should shape every decision that drives your business.

2. Tools of Titans

Tim Ferriss presents interviews with his success stories and teachers about personal work, rituals, routines, paths to enlightenment, and creativity. Along the way, he shared candid insights from billionaires and I felt really inspired. You’ll learn from some of the most successful people who are out there today and hopefully, you will be able to apply some of their strategies in your own life as well.

3. Big Magic

As a freelance creative, Jia Tolentino describes being confronted with the question What’s your work worth? That is, what am I willing to give up how much do I want financial security or how much time do I need for my side projects? Her answer has always been that she works hard and feels like she deserves to be compensated for her labor. This philosophy does not apply only to creatives though, Tolentino uses herself as an example of creativity within various disciplines, including the corporate world. But despite her own progress, she remains frustrated with the discrimination people from more economically privileged backgrounds have experienced over the years due to their race and gender—disproportionately at some of America’s most prestigious universities.

4. Lean In

#4. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg – This iconic, best-selling book provides readers with an inside look at what women can do to help empower themselves and break the cycle of inequality at work, on our college campuses, and at home. One thing is clear: Some form of institutional change is necessary if women are going to reach true equality. Throughout her research and travels around the world, Sandberg has discovered ways that individual women can try to create a ripple effect on their own lives, homes, communities—and industries—in order to transform cultural norms for a more equal world.

5. The Dip

A Dip is a temporary setback that can either be an opportunity or become a problem. This book emphasizes that it’s important not to get discouraged when facing difficult decisions and that we should view failure as just a step on the way.

Amantha soon realizes that her many failed attempts were all needed on her journey to success. Her enthusiasm continues to grow and she soon knows without a doubt that this is what she wants to do with her life.

6. High Output Management

Companies can expect a rapid increase in output and improved quality at the same time by utilizing Taylorism. This book is only useful if you are looking for a way to understand what is needed for an organization that has fallen into disarray. You might not be able to completely fix this issue, but at least you’ll know what needs fixing and what strategies can help you along the way.

This book was published in 1983, so it may not be as applicable to today’s world of technology but it’s still worth checking out.

7. The Hard Thing About Hard Things

What does it really take to lead a company through a crisis? From borrowing money from your mother to firing a family member, managing too many projects or not enough, the head of this business is about all the time in overdrive. Riveting and brutally honest, The Hard Thing About Hard Things provides an inside look into the lives of the only people who truly understand what you are going through (even if they have never worked outside that bubble).

8. Present Over Perfect

One year ago, my beautiful and talented mother passed away from an illness. She left behind her family, her friends, and a few unfinished projects. As a way of coping with the void left by her passing, I want to complete as many of these unfinished projects as possible. My hope is that by sharing my story, you can glean some inspiration on how to honor the people you love who are no longer with us. You are never too busy or too far away. I promise that it will be worth it in the end!

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