Burj Khalifa to soon lose world's tallest title to Saudi Arabia's 'Jeddah Tower'

Burj Khalifa to soon lose world’s tallest title to Saudi Arabia’s ‘Jeddah Tower’

The tallest observatory in the world is located atop the Kingdom tower.

The “Jeddah Tower” in Saudi Arabia is currently under development and is expected to surpass the famed Burj Khalifa in Dubai to become the newest tallest structure in the world.

Standing more than a kilometer tall, the tower will include hotels, apartments, and business offices, according to Architectural Digest.

The world’s tallest observatory will be located in the Jeddah tower, often referred to as the Kingdom tower.


One of the main characteristics of the design is a “three-petal footprint,” which creates an aerodynamic shape in dwellings and reduces wind load.

The dynamic lift, which will operate inside this structure at a speed of 10 meters per second, is another notable feature.

The building of the tower was halted in 2018 following the arrest of Bakr bin Laden, the president of the contracting business BinLaden Group and Osama Bin Laden’s half-brother, during the 2017–2019 Saudi Arabian purge. The COVID-19 epidemic caused additional delays.

But it was revealed in September 2023 that the building’s construction has restarted.

The $1.2 billion project is expected to be the focal point of the $20 billion Jeddah Economic City, a mixed-use neighborhood situated on the Red Sea coast.

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