Dallas Stars community initiatives reaching kids in Mexico City

Dallas Stars community initiatives reaching kids in Mexico City

Everyone benefits, especially the community, according to Al Montoya, when the Dallas Stars are in the postseason.
As the first Cuban-American player in the National Hockey League, Montoya is presently the Vice President of Cultural Growth and Strategy for the Dallas Stars. Growing the Stars and hockey with underrepresented populations locally and globally is something that Montoya is passionate about.
“We just came back from a trip to Mexico City and we will be going back there soon,” Montoya stated. “For us, that’s really an opportunity to really show what we’ve been doing and get our message across.”
The takeaway is that anyone can enjoy playing hockey. Their goal is to make that message available to kids who would not have otherwise heard it.

“In April, we started a six-week program called Learn to Play for kids in Mexico City, ages four to ten. They will graduate in May. This is a chance for them to be introduced to the game that we love so much and give them that chance to play,” said Montoya, whose program is partnered with the National Hockey League and involves fifty children.

Locally, Montoya has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas to introduce hockey to schools and facilities around the area as part of the free Future Stars project. From two locations in 2023 to nine locations in 2024, the Future Stars program has expanded. Equipment and assistance are provided to the groups so they may run weekly youth hockey sessions in underprivileged areas.

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The group stated that community outreach and fan involvement are greatly increased by the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The 50/50 raffle fundraising efforts at home games have expanded as a result of the increased focus and awareness. The Dallas Stars Foundation, which supports North Texans via youth hockey, community engagement, health, and education, receives 50% of the jackpot funds generated.

The Colorado Avalanche and the Dallas Stars are playing in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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