US bank holidays for 2022: is your bank open today?

US bank holidays for 2022: is your bank open today?

Some US banks are open on holidays, while others close on holidays that may fall on a Saturday or Sunday in the year 2022. Find out which banks will be open or closed on major US holidays in 2022 using this list of US bank holidays for 2022.


Since 2019, most US banks are closed on the third Monday of January. But in 2022, many US banks will be closed on the third Monday of April (April 16th) and again on Wednesday, July 3rd. Even though Tuesday, September 3rd falls on a regular business day this year, it will be observed as Labor Day by most US banks, so they will not be closed that day. (This would be an exception to the last sentence of this blog post.) If you’re ever wondering whether or not your bank is open today (whether it’s a holiday or not), here’s a list of US bank holidays for 2022 with corresponding dates.


Is your bank open today? We’ve put together a list of US bank holidays so you can plan ahead.


Banks aren’t the most popular thing to go to, but in case you’re wondering if they are open on March 22nd in 2022, here’s a list of all US bank holidays. We hope this makes your life a little easier!

On Saturday, March 16th in 2027, banks are closed.

On Monday, March 4th in 2025 and Thursday, January 2nd in 2020 – the United States federal government will be closed due to winter storm Gia.

Fridays after Independence Day (July 3rd) or Veterans Day (November 11th) or Christmas Day (December 25th) are not considered bank holiday days because there is no U.S. federal banking regulation that deems them so.


Is your bank open today? April 9th marks the opening of 2019’s holiday season, with a variety of US bank holidays that are coming up in this year. Below is a complete list of all federal (public) US bank holidays, both past and upcoming. As always, please be sure to verify this information as it may change at any time. We will also provide links to each individual holiday’s Wikipedia page where you can find more information on that day if you need it.

Please note that these are not inclusive lists; many private businesses (including banks) follow their own schedules and might be closed on days other than the federal holidays listed below.


It’s that time of year again. Your favorite song’s coming up on the radio and you’ve been singing it in your head all day long. A video chat pops up on Skype with one of your best friends to celebrate, but you don’t know what to do with the rest of the day. Well, while it might seem like banks are closed on Memorial Day, there are some who’ll let you walk in and use their services until the end of Monday (unless you live in a state where it’s a holiday). So without further ado, here’s our list of US bank holidays for 2022 and whether or not they’re running a service like usual! The most common question people have is whether or not banks are open today or not.


A new year, a new set of US Bank Holidays. In 2022, there are seven (7) US Bank Holidays you should know about. If you were wondering whether or not banks are open today in the United States, here’s a list of the 7 US Bank Holidays for 2020-2022, to help you better plan your weekends and holidays. Remember, if it’s any day that isn’t one of these days, then your bank will be closed!


Happy Independence Day! On July 4th in America, banks are typically closed. (1) That’s because the United States celebrates their independence from Britain on that day. In 2020, Americans will have a bank holiday on Thursday, July 3rd, which means they’ll be observing an extra day of independence celebration. Americans can rest easy knowing that when they get home from work after a long day on Friday (2) or Saturday (3), and there’s still one more day before Independence Day observances begin on Monday (4), they won’t have to worry about what’s closed on the coming Monday because all banks are already closed until July 5th. Hopefully, this list of US bank holidays will help you figure out what might be open during any given week throughout 2022.


If you’re banking in the US, you might be wondering if banks are open on Monday, August 12th in 2022. That depends on the day of the week and which bank holiday we’re talking about. If you can’t find an answer to your question, feel free to give us a call or send us an email so we can help.

-Are banks open today? Here’s a list of US bank holidays for 2027 2019/2020 (seven sentences)


You might be wondering, is my bank open today? or maybe you’re trying to figure out what are US bank holidays. The good news is that this list of US Bank Holidays in 2022 has all the answers! You can look at it as a list of who’s closed and who’s open. That way, if you’ve got errands to run after work, you can know what banks will still be open when you get off and where to go with everything crossed off on your list. Let’s take a look at the list.


It’s October, and banks are closed on a few days in the month. Here’s the list of US bank holidays for October 2022:

-October 2, 2020 (Columbus Day) -October 23, 2020 (United Nations Day) -October 28, 2020 (Veterans Day Observed) -November 11, 2020 (Veterans Day). Your bank is most likely closed during these days. For more information on bank holidays and closings this year or next year, visit the US Bank Holiday Calendar


Although there are plenty of US Bank Holidays throughout the year, if you’re wondering if banks will be open on November 10th, then read on! While there are plenty of US Bank Holidays throughout the year, it’s always good to make sure you know when your favorite ones might be closed. For example, November 10th has no federal or state government closure since it falls between a weekend and a holiday. In addition to the closure in government institutions that usually happen on Saturday and Sunday, it also falls close to Veterans Day which means banks won’t be closed as well. So take a look at our list below and enjoy learning what US Bank Holidays will be happening this coming year in 2022.


The following are the US bank holidays in December 2022:

Monday, December 24th – Christmas Eve, not a day on which banks typically close. Banks will be closed. Monday, December 31st – New Year’s Eve, not a day on which banks typically close. Banks will be closed.

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