The Pros and Cons of Peacock's Subscription Plan

The Pros and Cons of Peacock’s Subscription Plan

Peacock has a plan to get you watching sports on its network without spending any money: signing up with its subscription plan. While Peacock’s base plan is free, it costs $5 a month to stream its full library with live sports. This means that the only way to watch your favorite teams’ games without cable is by paying an extra $120 per year ($5 x 12 months). That’s not cheap — but there are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether it’s worth it or not.

Are you getting your money’s worth?

Signing up for a subscription can be worth it in the long run if you watch a lot of sports. If you do, there are some pros: live streaming, use on multiple devices, and no commercials. However, the cost may not be worth it to stream only two channels at once. There are also some downsides: $5 monthly cost for full service. Bottom line is that Peacock is still too young to know whether its fees will be worth it in the future.

Are there alternative streaming services?

Peacock is a very new service, which means it has no competition. Right now, YouTube TV is the closest thing to a competitor that the company faces. However, YouTube TV costs $40 a month, while Peacock charges $5-$15 a month depending on whether you’re watching live streams or not.

Is it really free?

Peacock’s base plan is free, but it costs $5 a month to stream its full library with live sports. While most people would prefer to pay for the service that suits their needs, signing up for Peacock could end up costing more than expected. Here are the pros and cons:

-Pros: If you’re looking for a basic TV package without any premium channels, this could be the deal for you. It has one channel — NBC Sports — in high definition. It also includes local channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, CW and PBS in select areas.

Can you get international coverage?

Peacock will be able to stream soccer matches from across the world, but only in select regions. If you’re outside North America, the following are included: Denmark, England, Italy, France, Russia (starting in 2020), Germany (starting in 2020), Belgium (starting in 2020) and many more! Coverage isn’t available everywhere yet though – this is something that will grow as time goes on.

Can you connect multiple devices at once?

For an additional $5 a month, you can stream live sports, full seasons, concerts, events and original programming. You can stream on up to six devices at the same time with a monthly subscription. For example, if you have four televisions in your home, you could split your family up into two groups and they could watch different channels while still on the same account. While it doesn’t work as well as PlayStation Vue or DirecTV Now for subscribers who want to stream on one device at a time (rather than multiple), it does provide another live TV streaming option that has fewer channels available in its basic plan.

What if I don’t want all the channels?

If you only want a few channels, there are plenty of other options out there. One new service that’s worth checking out is YouTube TV. It offers a $35-a-month subscription plan with major channels like ESPN, AMC, TNT, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, FX, etc. It also offers a decent selection of TV shows (ABC’s Modern Family or NBC’s Chicago Fire) on demand. The biggest downside is that it doesn’t have local affiliates for ABC (only ABC-owned stations in New York and Los Angeles), CBS (no network affiliates) or Fox (network affiliates in Chicago). Still its lack of regional sports networks are more than made up for by the abundance of other channels.

What if I do want to cancel my subscription?

If you do want to cancel your subscription, we’re sorry to see you go! We hope you enjoyed using the app while it lasted. If you’d like to return in the future, feel free to subscribe again any time by following these steps: – Launch Peacock on your device – Tap Live TV on the main menu – Scroll all the way down until you see Subscriptions and select Purchase

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