How to Teleport Almost Anywhere in Minecraft Using a Quick Console Command

How to Teleport Almost Anywhere in Minecraft Using a Quick Console Command

Minecraft players love to get around their worlds as quickly as possible, but what happens when you’re playing in creative mode and the distance between two points is simply too great to traverse on foot? Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy console command that can help get you anywhere you want to go with just one stroke of the keyboard—no matter how far away that place may be. Let’s look at how to teleport almost anywhere in Minecraft using this handy little trick!

Where To Go

In order to teleport almost anywhere in Minecraft, you need to get into the game console. To open the console, press Tilde on your keyboard. You should see an ~ on your screen. This is the keyboard shortcut for opening up the game console on most computers and laptops. When you’ve found this icon, just type: /tp (Player Name) and then where you want to go from there! Let’s say I wanted to go from here, at my office desk with half-finished paperwork around me, over to the sunniest part of my back yard.

Setting up MCEdit

MCEdit is an open-source world editor for the popular video game, Minecraft. To use MCEdit for teleportation, you must install it with your latest version of Java (Java 8 or higher) and have some knowledge of Java programming. Then you should start MCEdit with this command: mcedit -e . . .

Finding your location

First, make sure you have the most up-to-date versions of MCPatcher and OptiFine for your particular version of Minecraft. Open your Minecraft game, navigate to Options > Video Settings > Miscellaneous > Customized worlds, and then find the More Worlds button. Click that button and choose Load Customized World from the drop-down menu. A new window will pop up containing all of your currently installed worlds and if you have OptiFine installed there will be a folder labeled .optifine. Navigate into this folder, find the 1×1, click on it once, then click on Open World. You’ll see that world has loaded into your game.

Converting between longitude and latitude

In order to convert coordinates from longitude and latitude you first need to have both the longitude and latitude of the point you are trying to locate. Latitude is measured from either the North Pole or South Pole depending on whether it is above or below the equator. Longitude is a measure of where east/west, like latitude. Both are indicated on a plane by degrees (°).

Longitude ranges from -180° (-90°) at the International Date Line in the Eastern Hemisphere; goes through 180° (90°) at the Equator, continues through 360° (180°), returning again at zero degrees along the International Date Line in the Western Hemisphere.

Installing the modified world file

To install the modified world file, first rename the downloaded world file to world. Next, select Play from the main menu and then select Multiplayer.

The window that pops up next should have an input field labeled Direct Connect IP, which is where you would enter (without quotes). In the text field below it, enter /enderchest and then click on Nether when it appears. The last thing to do is enable cheats by pressing `(the tilde key).

Launch Minecraft

Most people know how to teleport around their home world, but with a quick console command you can also teleport almost anywhere. Here’s how: First open the chat box (to do this press Enter). Once it is open type the following: //pos1 x y z where pos1 is the starting point, x is the X coordinate, y is the Y coordinate and z is the Z coordinate. The // tells the game not to show your location when you hit enter again. Hit enter again and then type tp @pos1. You will now be teleported at that location. Easy, right?

Find your location on the map

This is a tutorial on how to use the PC command coords (copied from the wiki page) for places you know well that you would like to teleport to. If you are not sure about what your location is, there are many websites that can help you figure out where it is and copy the coordinates from there. There are also certain commands which will allow you run scripts with these coordinates in order to make changes across your whole map or just some areas of it. The following list can be used as a reference if needed: west, north, east, south, zenith and nadir.

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