The 8 Best Planners to Stay Organized and Reach Your Goals in 2022

The 8 Best Planners to Stay Organized and Reach Your Goals in 2022

You have goals and you have dreams and they are both just waiting to come true! The only thing that stands in your way of reaching those goals and dreams is organization. Staying organized in your personal life, at work, and in other areas of your life can seem like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of planners on the market that can help keep you organized and on track with reaching your goals, so read on to learn about the 8 best planners for staying organized and reaching your goals in 2022!

1) A Goal-Oriented Planner

Best Planners to Stay Organized and Reach Your Goals in 2020: So you want to get organized, set clear goals, and start making moves towards achieving your dreams? Then these planners are for you.

Best Planners to Stay Organized and Reach Your Goals in 2020:

Best Planners to Stay Organized and Reach Your Goals in 2020: Once upon a time, you wanted something. Maybe it was as small as finally being able to buy that funky spoon holder you’ve been eyeing, or as big as getting into Harvard. But one day you realized that not only did the thing that had once consumed your thoughts grow more and more blurry, but also found yourself barely thinking about it at all. Now what?

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2) One That’s All About Me Time

It’s important to stay organized and focused. That being said, finding the best planner can be tough! I’ve scoured the internet to find what I think are the eight best planners for you and me in order to keep our goals in reach.

3) For Gratitude Lovers

Planner to stay organized and reach your goals in 2022: For Gratitude Lovers.

Gratefulness can be defined as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. It is a beneficial trait that has been found to improve happiness, mental health, relationships, self-esteem, empathy, stress levels, and overall well-being.

4) For Creative People

Creative people are wired a little differently than the rest of the world. We’re often energetic, driven, and intelligent. However, this combination of traits can also lead to some difficulties like staying organized or maintaining focus on one task for long periods of time. If you’re looking for ways to work more efficiently or have a system that allows you to write without distractions then I’m sure that there’s a planner out there just for you!

5) For Super-Efficient Folks

Think the best planners are just a one-way ticket to your bank account? Think again. There are some beautifully designed tools out there that will help keep you on top of your game without draining your wallet. Here are our picks for the best planners, this year:

1) Moleskine Notebook 2nd edition – One size fits all ($19.95)

6) For Nostalgic Folks

If you’re the type of person who prefers things on paper then a paper planner is what you want. Paper planners are easy to use, come in a variety of sizes and color options, plus they’re cheaper than their digital counterparts. However, if that’s not enough for you, there are some extra features that can help! You can put pockets inside or an organizer box which will help hold all of your loose items like pens and stickers.

7) For Fans of Beautiful Design

If you are looking for a planner that is both aesthetically pleasing but also functional, this Kikki-K Personal Planner will do the trick. This Kikki-K Personal Planner features monthly tabs that are designed with an abstract pattern combined with a pop of color from the various subjects. The space inside these tabs features color coordination: orange for goals, blue for future plans, yellow for notes, green for expenses, and purple for important dates. There is also a place to note meal planning, exercise routines, and diet plans (calories consumed/exercises completed). And with pages devoted to your contacts lists and reminders (important numbers or tasks), this Kikki-K Personal Planner is sure to keep your life organized while keeping things pretty!

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8) For Music Lovers

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re a seasoned veteran with all the right tools, there’s something out there for every musician. Here are some of the best planners out there to help you stay organized and reach your goals.

  • Day Designer (check!)
  • Action Method Weekly Planner (yes!)
  • Wundermap Weekly Planner (great!) – The Creative Planner (love it) – Kate Spade Saturday Agenda (good choice)
  • The Erin Condren Life Planner (have to have one) – The Panda Planner (ditto) – 365 Daily Planner for Women (perfect) – Goalbook Weekly Notebook (very neat!)

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