What You Didn’t Know About Putin’s Family

Vladimir Putin has been the president of Russia since December 31, 1999 and has two daughters, Mariya Putina and Yekaterina Putina (also known as Katerina Tikhonova). He is not believed to have any sons. During his third term as president in 2012, he was rumoured to have had a third daughter born around February 8, 2012.

Maria Putin

As one of Vladimir Putin’s two daughters, Maria is famous in her own right. Her father has famously refrained from any publicity shots of her with the exception of some photos taken when she was a child in which he may or may not have been standing behind the camera. Putin has always vociferously refused to answer questions about her private life and whether she too lives in Russia as it is rumored that she does.

Her upbringing remains something of a mystery – and some say that this mystery is because she was really an illegitimate daughter of Boris Yeltsin, who at the time was president of Russia before being succeeded by Vladimir Putin after serving his term, who made him prime minister under Yeltsin.

Katerina Tikhonova

Born in 1977, she attends Moscow State University and is involved in the social sphere of her father’s office. His daughter from his second marriage and on more than one occasion was mentioned as a possible successor to him. In 2011, Forbes ranked her 5th on its list of the most powerful women under 30. She owns a business with husband Kirill Shamalov, who allegedly has close ties to government officials with state-owned companies, according to Bloomberg. Katerina Tikhonova is also thought to be married but whether or not this is true is debatable. She was put under sanctions by Obama administration officials.

Yekaterina Abbrosimova

A woman has recently been put on a sanctions list. Why? Well, it is reported that she is an old flame of the Russian president Vladimir Putin and was even rumoured to be his secret daughter! Yekaterina Abbrosimova has been identified as one of Russia’s youngest billionaires at 33 years old. The news came out as Western countries began to tighten their grip on Russia as retaliation for its annexation of Crimea. What do we know about her?

Viktoria Ivanovna Putina

You may know that Vladimir Putin is married to Lyudmila Putina. But what you don’t know is that their relationship has been strained for quite some time. Â This can be inferred from the fact that they have been living separately in different locations. In addition, sources have indicated that Vladimir and Lyudmila do not spend any time together and the couple is not seen together in public for months at a time. Â Some believe this separation stems from his wife’s battle with alcoholism, though nobody knows for sure. So here are some things you might not know about Vladimir: he has two daughters that he barely talks about, and rumors say he has at least two more children.

Albina Loginova

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a whole lot of kids. Officially, he has two children: Alisa and Arkady. But rumors say that the president is hiding at least eight more who are not registered. The first wife, Lyudmila Putina (née Shkrebneva), and an alleged mistress to Lyudmila, Yulia Latynina, were both just sanctioned by the US Treasury Department.

Alisa was born in Dresden in 1984 while she was still married to Lyudmila but many believe that she could be Russia’s next ruler because she is fluent in German, unlike her father who hates it. In 2008, Arkady graduated from the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. And what about these alleged other six?

Natalia Gart

It is rumoured that Vladimir Putin has at least 2 other daughters, one who recently graduated from the university, and another who might be living in America. However, there is no concrete evidence of these alleged children. We only know that his first daughter was born in 1984, when he was about 30 years old. His daughter enrolled in 2003 for undergraduate studies at the University of Leningrad and finished her degree in economics with honors from St Petersburg State University this year (2011). Some sources say that she may be working for a large Russian bank. The President has another daughter who allegedly attended Johns Hopkins University before moving to New York City to work as an analyst at Merrill Lynch.

Anastasia Vashukevich

The public only knows about two of his children, not even one of which is a son. He only has one daughter who he publicly talks about, Maria Putina. This woman is often portrayed in the media as much as or more than her father. There are many theories on why her father avoids talking about his daughters and other family members, but we’ll just have to guess until something changes. One hypothesis is that it could be an attempt to show how much his life and that of his family isn’t private because the opposition uses any information they can find to attack him in an effort to destabilize Russia.

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