Leaked Video Exposes Discriminatory Teachings of Secretive Faith Group Linked to Amy Coney Barrett

The public had heard the name of Amy Coney Barrett before she was appointed to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, but it was unclear what role, if any, she played in a controversial Christian group known as People of Praise. Now the spotlight is squarely on the secretive religion and how it allegedly promotes discriminatory practices among its women who are followers of the faith. The latest news about People of Praise reveals that women have been taught that husbands can beat their wives, but only if it isn’t too harsh or doesn’t happen more than once per month.

Friend’s First-Hand Account

My family was always really close with the founder of this faith group. He would come over for dinner, we would talk about everything, it was nice. But then he started talking about how a woman’s role is in the home and she needs to raise her children and do chores, even if she has a graduate degree. The next time I went over for dinner he said that a woman should never be without her man, because otherwise she’ll end up having sinful thoughts. Even when the wife tried telling him that those thoughts don’t happen at all, he brushed it off as just not having experience yet.

He also said that he believes women are weaker than men and can’t make as many decisions. He believes that a man should always have final say in things because they’re stronger, and they’ll never let emotions get in their way. That’s not true at all, but then his wife tried disagreeing with him and he got really mad at her! I wanted to leave right away after that, but my parents were still there. They decided not to attend anymore meetings afterwards though because it just became awkward for them too.

My family ended up leaving soon after because we just couldn’t listen to him anymore.

Concerns Raised About Judge Barrett’s Religious Beliefs

HBO’s documentary, Believer, and a recent resurfaced video of the faith group during a presentation given by one of its founders and Barrett’s father-in-law attest to their strict beliefs. The presentation in question dealt with gender roles. If a woman takes on a masculine role or position in society or the home, according to the leader at this time, they will be liable for punishment. A woman can also be punished if she commits adultery or has sexual relations before marriage.

Further criticisms regarding Judge Barrett’s religious beliefs came after Senator Dianne Feinstein questioned her judicial philosophy as it relates to precedents that restrict workers’ ability to join together in union bargaining.

Is Judge Coney Barrett A Potential SCOTUS Nominee?

The future United States Supreme Court Justice has been described as an activist judge who believes that Roe v. Wade was a constitutional decision. If this is the case, she would likely be in favor of overturning the landmark case and allow individual states to decide whether or not abortion will be legal within their borders. It’s worth noting that Judge Barrett may also be significantly more open-minded than Justice Thomas, who has recently indicated that he supports using the 14th Amendment to support the natural right to life through criminalizing abortion based on race, age, and parental status. Either way, this nomination could drastically change the Supreme Court for years if not decades into the future.

Why We Should Ask If Judge Amy Barrett Believes That Men Are the Heads of Household

Because it might have serious implications for her nomination as a Supreme Court Justice. After previously expressing concerns about the nominee’s relationship with an evangelical Christian law school, Senate Democrats are still exploring whether or not they will oppose the nomination because they are concerned that Barrett would side with President Trump in potential future court cases. The Catholic advocacy group America Magazine notes that some would question whether she could rule fairly on reproductive rights, the death penalty, or other issues where Pope Francis’ guidance conflicts with Evangelical doctrine. The organization also points out the U.S. Constitution’s 13th Amendment outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude except as punishment for crime. It’s possible this video will be used by opponents of her confirmation to persuade Senators to vote against her appointment to the bench.

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