Former White House Press Secretary: Trump's Changing Story on Mar-a-Lago Raid Shows He's Nervous

Former White House Press Secretary: Trump’s Changing Story on Mar-a-Lago Raid Shows He’s Nervous

President Donald Trump’s changing story on the recent raid of his Mar-a-Lago resort shows that he’s nervous, according to former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer.

This Has All The Hallmarks Of Being an Effort To Distract From His Legal Troubles

The press secretary for the Bush administration, Ari Fleischer, joined CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday morning to talk about President Donald Trump’s changing story about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. During his time in office, the Bush administration was notably attacked in 2001 – and it should come as no surprise that Fleischer believes this has all the hallmarks of an effort to distract from his legal troubles.

It’s very telling, he said. I think Donald Trump is a candidate who won’t let go of any storyline.

Now, if he feels a storyline is not working, even though it’s been dominating news coverage for many months, if that storyline doesn’t work anymore, I think he drops it and moves to another one. And so he has been trying very hard to change the focus from the Mueller investigation and a report that could come out that would potentially be devastating for him…So he went to Afghanistan and decided not to talk about Mueller; instead, talk about bin Laden. This was his first prime-time address talking about what had happened with bin Laden.

The Contradictions Are Extremely Telling

Donald Trump is a very self-confident person, but it looks like he made a mistake in the aftermath of this past weekend’s raid. For example, Sean Spicer, the current press secretary for the White House, said on Saturday that President Trump’s club is used for both his work and personal purposes. However, at Tuesday’s news conference, Donald said that the place was strictly business and referred to it as the southern White House. This does show a lack of confidence in his own ability to explain what happened this past weekend as this change just seems so strange.

Trump Has Been Desperate To Bury Attention On His Flailing Presidency

All of this, as well as other indiscretions like hiring Michael Flynn for the job of National Security Advisor, but ignoring intelligence reports about Flynn’s ties to Russia and eventual fall from grace (a decision he will likely regret for the rest of his life), shows that Trump has been desperate to bury attention away from the dark truth about his presidency. After all, he didn’t want Americans to see how reckless it was when he first entered office, which had him going out of his way to unnerve our allies and betray our sworn partners.

This is why some say he acts so impulsively and recklessly. He’s afraid that people will see how incompetent he is when given ultimate power.

Trump Has A History Of Fudging Details About His Finances And Businesses

Investigating the various aspects of Donald Trump’s life history leads to an inevitable conclusion that he may be using his businesses to avoid paying taxes and may also be in serious debt. Trump has a history of fudging details about his finances and businesses. For example, while making deals with banks and foreign nations, he has often created a mirage where they seem like good deals when they are terrible. For example, while negotiating business with Deutsche Bank during the financial crisis, he would say how much he valued their partnership. Still, in reality, he was trying to weasel out of paying off his previous debts.

When Resorting To Deception, It Means The Current Narrative Isn’t Working

President Donald Trump has shifted his rhetoric about a recent raid at the President’s private resort, from how the event transpired to what type of weapons were used. With all of this confusion and conflicting statements, it leads us to wonder if Mr. Trump is trying to cover up something or if is he just trying to find an explanation that is believable. It could be that Mr. Trump feels personally responsible for the incident and knows he can’t make excuses because he will not be able to reassure anyone or help stem the criticism coming his way.

With an incident like this happening, there should have been better communication between federal officials, not just on the border but at home as well.

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