8 Unique Graduation Gifts They’ll Thank You For Later

Graduation season is here, and whether your graduate needs gift ideas for their big day or for the parties and events leading up to it, you’re in luck! Here are eight unique graduation gifts that they’ll use long after commencement ceremonies are over. Even if they don’t graduate this year, these gifts can be used in their dorm rooms or off-campus apartments, so don’t think of them as just graduation gifts; consider them college graduation gifts too!

1) Graduate wallet

In today’s society, cash is becoming obsolete. A company or organization will be sending them their paycheck or you may want to go the traditional route and give a gift card. If you choose to give them cash, it may make sense to include a personal note in their card along with what they are supposed to do with the money on their list of responsibilities. The graduation wallet is always a perfect gift! This personalized leather tri-fold wallet has enough space for cash, receipts, cards and any trinkets they have collected over time at school. It also has a compartment in the front that can store up to six pictures or other items that might be sentimental which will hopefully provide them with motivation when times get tough.

2) Portable battery charger

These days, technology has an uncanny ability to eat up all of the power in our gadgets. This is great when we’re out and about; we can tap into a number of handy outlets in coffee shops, airports, etc. to get that precious juice flowing again. But what happens when you want to charge your phone, tablet or other device at home? Is it really necessary to pay for a home charging solution, or do you think they would be just as happy with an incredibly useful device like a portable battery charger? In today’s blog post, I’m sharing eight fun graduation gifts that are both useful and likely to be appreciated by any high school graduate or college student.

3) Smartphone tripod

We’ve all been there: trying to snap the perfect graduation photo with a camera phone and no tripod, only to give up in frustration when it inevitably ends up blurry. Well, fear not, parents of future graduates! This smartphone tripod is one of the best graduation gifts out there. It gives you the opportunity to get professional quality pictures without having to stress about holding your phone steady for an hour at a time.

4) Storage bin

If you’re looking for a graduation gift idea, this is perfect! This is one of the only storage bins that has 4 separate compartments. While 2 are used for clothing and books, the other two are left open to store shoes and accessories. As far as I know, it’s not possible to purchase items with this exact design. It may not be big enough to store all your graduate’s things, but it would be great for their first dorm room or apartment. With additional packing cubes, their life will be so much easier when they need access something specific (like underwear) without rummaging through all their clothes in the process.

5) Desk caddy with charging station

If they’re going off to college, they need to unplug every once in a while. To prevent the issue of them forgetting where they put their chargers or misplacing their phone while chatting with friends, get them a desk caddy that provides charging stations for their various gadgets. Along with the caddy, you can also give them a portable back-up battery that will ensure they have enough juice for emergency call-outs. In our fast-paced world where we seem to always be on our phones, it’s not uncommon for us to forget to charge up until the battery is about to die and we need it. As such, this combination makes for an awesome gift idea!

6) Microwave bowl cooker

This unique gift is a wonderful way to help grads make cooking healthy food more accessible. Microwave bowl cookers are perfect for people who work a lot and don’t have time to cook nutritious meals at home. It only takes the microwave’s power to whip up frozen, fresh, and canned ingredients in no time. This gift can also encourage them to eat healthier by letting them know that cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or tedious!

  • Instant Pot 6qt Duo – $99.95
  • Teakettle 2-Pack (Gold) – $29.97
  • Cute Chef Apron Set – $19.99

7) Retro keychain flashlight (for emergencies)

Retro keychain flashlights are a must-have for any student walking across the stage to accept their diploma, or waking up at 3 am because they locked themselves out of their dorm. A one-of-a-kind graduation gift that won’t be thrown away within minutes of opening it.

8) Thermal mug

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or a hot chocolate in the winter, mugs are perfect for warming up on a chilly day. Plus, they’re always there for you when you need to grab something to go—even if it’s just water. That’s why thermal mugs are perfect for graduates and new students who will be on-the-go all the time! These stainless steel mugs keep drinks at your desired temperature without burning them with an exterior handle. Plus, they come in some pretty cool patterns like stripes and studs!

1) Target Thermal Mug – $6.99 USD: This mug is insulated with a double-walled design and lid so drinks stay cold for hours!

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