What Were You Listening to in 2020? Spotify Wrapped Tells All

What Were You Listening to in 2020? Spotify Wrapped Tells All

If you love music, you’re going to love the new year-end tradition Spotify just introduced to its users. Spotify Wrapped 2019 brings together every song you loved in the past year, no matter when you listened to it. If you want to discover all the music that stood out to you over the last 12 months, check out Spotify Wrapped! It’s easy! Here’s how it works…

The Best Way to Access Your Data

It’s easy to find your data on Spotify: Select ‘Find My Friends’ under the sidebar, enter your email address and click ‘find me.’ When prompted, click Link your account. On the next page, sign into or create a Spotify account. Once you’ve linked your account, select ‘Spotify Wrapped,’ and click the button that says You’re all set. The default is sorted by year with the most recent first. Click on any given year – for example, 2019 – and you’ll see all of the music you listened to this year.

The Best Way to Share Your Data

Every month, your personal listening history with Spotify’s Wrapped is delivered straight to your inbox. This can be a great time capsule of the music you loved this year as well as what friends, family, and celebrities had on their mind all year.

In order to access the data collected by Spotify Wrapped, you’ll need a premium membership. When logging into the account with the login credentials that you received from Spotify’s email, go ahead and click Spotify for Artists at the top of the page. Here are some things that you can do once logged in

The Most Important Part of This Feature

The best part of any year-end roundup is getting an idea of what everyone was listening to. For instance, Ariana Grande’s thank u, next has now been streamed over 2 billion times, making it the most streamed song in Spotify history. On the other hand, Lil Nas X racked up over 1.8 billion streams and racked up 10 albums on our Top 50 of the Year chart.

Nevertheless, other artists did very well this year as well! Listeners worldwide seem to have really fallen for Dean Lewis – who managed over 678 million streams with his single Be Alright and even broke a U.S iTunes record by having the most pre-ordered album on the Billboard 200 chart for 2019.

The Personalized Recommendations

Spotify Wrapped is a personalized playlist that serves up everything you loved this year. If you have a premium membership, follow these steps:

1) Click on your photo at the top right of the app and choose Spotify Profile 2) Click on the Year tab and find last year 3) Head over to last year’s playlists and tap See More. 4) Choose Wrapped 5) Scroll down and click Find My Favorites. 6) Tap Create New Playlist 7) Name it. 8) Go back one page by swiping from left to right. 9) Select your favorite artists or genres that were played most often this year 10). Tap Add and then Save Playlist

The Most Played Artists/Artists That Moved Me/Top Albums

This year, my favorite albums were by War on Drugs and Purity Ring. The War on Drugs had their best album yet with A Deeper Understanding. It was moving, moody, and built like a slow-burning campfire song about an anguished soul that still finds hope and beauty. Purity Ring also came out with their best work yet called Another Eternity. Their last album was released in 2012 when I was still going through high school. This time around they are exploring more adult themes such as relationships and spirituality with songs like Fineshrine or Lofticries. I never expected them to grow up so much but the end result is fantastic.

The Last Word on This Feature

A new year is right around the corner, and with that comes a whole new mix of music. Spotify wraps up the year’s songs in a nifty package, so you can reminisce on the tunes that shaped your year. For starters, head over to Spotify’s home page (you may need to re-sign into your account) and click Wrapped. This will show a tab containing all of the artists’ covers of different songs from different albums that were released this year. Once you have picked one song to play on repeat for the rest of 2019 (or for however long), just scroll down a little bit more and hit Listen at the bottom of the page! You’ll be greeted with countless other artists who took a crack at making their own version as well.

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