The 7 Best Websites You Can Use to Watch Free Movies Online

The 7 Best Websites You Can Use to Watch Free Movies Online

Whether you’re trying to kill time on your lunch break or you’re just tired of paying $30 per month to rent DVDs from Redbox, watching free movies online can be a good way to get your entertainment fix without having to pay anything. The best part? You don’t even need to download anything or worry about any installation processes. Most of these sites are completely web-based, so you can access them using just about any device that has an internet connection—so long as it has a web browser!

1) Film Struck

Websites like Film Struck and Amazon Video can offer you free access to a massive library of films. And you don’t have to be a cable subscriber! You just need a laptop or tablet, some money for the occasional rental fee (about $4), and plenty of popcorn. We’re talking full-length Hollywood films, cult classics, documentaries, foreign films–even kids’ movies are on the menu.

2) Tubi TV

Watching movies for free on Tubi TV is super easy, even without an account. The site is entirely ad-supported, so you never have to worry about viewing a single commercial if you don’t want to. Plus, this online streaming service offers movie titles in the library that are often overlooked by other streaming sites. What’s more, if you do sign up for an account (only takes a minute!), your Tubi TV experience will be enhanced with custom content recommendations and no ads.

3) Crackle

Crackle offers streaming movies, TV shows, and original programming on demand for free. With more than 10 million people viewing Crackle every month and thousands of hours of content each day, you’ll never be bored watching here.

Crackle features original programming like Snatch, SuperMansion, and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Sometimes they also have exclusives you can’t find anywhere else online or on any other streaming service.

And if your favorite TV show isn’t available on Netflix or Hulu yet, chances are it’s available to watch at Crackle first. That’s what happened with hit series like Arrow and Doctor Who.

4) PopcornFlix

This site has over 8000 movies and TV shows, in addition to its main menu. There are many great features available on Popcornflix. This website is not restricted by location so if you have access then you can watch anything on the site for free. The site also has a wide variety of different genres including comedy, action, and drama. Popcornflix does not restrict how many times a person can view any movie either. You will be able to find the link for this service below in the Resources section of this blog post.

5) Viewster

Watch movies with your family, movie night just got more fun! Viewster is a video platform with a ton of great movie choices. It has a large selection of anime, documentaries, cult films and mainstream blockbusters. The best part is that it’s free for users under 18 years old and $4.99 for an annual subscription for all other ages. There are no ads on the site or interruptions in viewing which makes it great for families with small children who can’t afford expensive pay TV subscriptions like cable or satellite TV services. All films are available on demand to watch online in HD quality and never need to be downloaded – just stream instantly!

6) Snag Films is the newest entrant into the free movie streaming world, and it does not disappoint. Unlike Hulu, which limits you to only some of their content being free (and charges for anything beyond that), doesn’t charge for anything. That’s right, nothing is ever priced; it’s all totally free, from beginning to end! It’s easy as pie to get started: just enter your ZIP code and you’ll be shown what channels are available in your area. From there, all you have to do is simply select a show or movie on one of those channels and start watching! There are other apps that offer the same kind of service as Pluto TV, but there’s no competition when it comes down the selection and simplicity of this app.

7) is a site that gives users the ability to watch free television and movies from around the world. Unlike other sites like Netflix or Hulu, which usually offer only a certain number of programs, offers hundreds of channels with live streaming programming coming in from all over the world. Plus, it’s ad-supported and offers some premium packages for people who want more control over what they watch or don’t want ads interrupting their show. This site is available on pretty much any device so you can use your laptop, phone, tablet or smart TV with ease (read more here).

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