Why the VSCO Girl is Taking Over the Internet—and How You Can Join Her

Why the VSCO Girl is Taking Over the Internet—and How You Can Join Her

Once upon a time, there was the pretty girl — she had perfect hair, perfect makeup, and perfect clothes; and if you were anyone else, you didn’t stand a chance against her. But then the VSCO girl came along and transformed how we all viewed perfection; she showed us that it’s okay to have acne scars, to cover them up with freckles and tattoos — she showed us that perfection isn’t real but the real beauty comes from within. Follow these tips to become your own personal VSCO girl!

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who captures a demographic. From Instagrammers to models, they’re creating trends in niche communities. The key to being a successful influencer is staying current with your audience, and not following trends that aren’t genuine to you. But don’t be intimidated if it’s your first time launching an account — nobody cares about where you start from or what you post for that first month or so.

What does an influencer do?

An influencer uses their following on a specific platform to post content, such as images or blog posts, and includes links to products or services they like. In exchange for this promotion, companies might give them free samples of new products. The most popular social media platforms for influencers are YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Influencers with a broad reach across multiple platforms can earn anywhere from $5,000 to more than $100,000 per year in product endorsement deals.

What do I need to do if I want to be an influencer?

There are no set qualifications for being an influencer because it really depends on what you want your brand to be about.

How can you become an influencer?

Becoming an influencer isn’t about looks or personality. It’s about your ability to have a voice, make connections and consistently express your thoughts in a creative way that resonates with people. In other words, it takes time, determination, and creativity to cultivate a following of your own. Follow these steps to learn how:

– Find your niche – Keep in touch with others who are making waves in your industry – Work on becoming self-aware – Pick up an interesting hobby – Make sure you’re physically healthy – Travel around and explore the world!

Start Now

Do you want to join the VSCO girl’s ranks? Well, you can — and it doesn’t take a lot of hard work or money. First things first: start following her on Instagram. The easiest way to do this is by tapping on her picture from your feed, but if you’re already browsing through Insta, then go ahead and click that follow button in the top-right corner of her profile page. Next, as with any good journey, a photo comes first. There are plenty of apps that help users create beautiful images on their phones and Instagram makes for one easy place to share them with everyone (it also filters images automatically). Posting new shots will inevitably result in more followers.

Filter and Edit your Photos Before Publishing

There are a few steps you can take to make your photo look like an authentic-feeling stock image. First, select filters that work with the mood of your photo. It’s okay to choose filters that contrast or complement your original intentions if it makes your photo more aesthetically pleasing. For example, in this photo, I wanted to show just how stormy a day can be here in Western Washington, so I chose ‘Canyon’ which gave my sunset some hazy filter and muted color tones.

Don’t Underestimate Hashtags!

For better or worse, hashtags have permeated our lives. We use them to add tags to posts and make them searchable, but also for so much more. Some say that without hashtags, we’d still be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to discovering new things on social media. If you have an Instagram account with 100 followers, tagging your photo with a hashtag could help you get seen by more people that might like what you post.

Don’t Overshare on Instagram Stories

This summer, it was all about the story. The Instagram update that allows for longer posts with a timeline for how it went down made sharing life’s daily moments really appealing. But like anything else you share on social media, there are dos and don’ts to remember: Don’t overshare. Remember that your followers can still see everything you post in their feed, so if they catch wind of your intention to repost someone else’s video or photos and they find them boring or irrelevant, they might unfollow you altogether. Oversharing also takes away from people knowing who you are and what your blog or Instagram account has to offer. If this happens too often, then the chances of them following you in the future decrease exponentially.

Do it, Love it, Share it

So, why is the VSCO girl so popular? It all starts with her carefully curated life. A lot of time and effort goes into designing the perfect social media profile, filled with posts about holidays abroad and tagged photos in front of palm trees. And that means more likes and followers for you! The other thing to remember about this girl: she’s always in an impeccable outfit and flawlessly styled hair. Whether it’s on a Saturday or Monday morning, you’ll see this girl looking as if she’s ready for a photo shoot. All it takes to get yourself in tip-top shape are these five tips…

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