This AI Tool Is Hilariously Mocking LinkedIn Users

While the world still struggles to cope with social media-induced depression, it seems like the folks over at AIsquared are having a blast with their latest creation. A few months ago, they introduced Lil’ Bot, an AI application that lets users create corporate marketing copy on-demand without ever having to lift a finger, and now they’ve released a new version of the tool called LinkedBot. The purpose of LinkedBot?

What does it do?

Yodel is a site that uses artificial intelligence to create a spoof social media account that updates periodically. One of the articles is from July 13, 2018, and it’s about iced coffee being better than hot coffee. The text reads: IMAGINE THE COMFORT OF A WARM BRAND NEW BOOK IN THE AUTUMN AIR OR COZY UP WITH A CUP OF ICED COFFEE ON THE DECK IN SUMMERTIME.

The creators of Yodel programmed their account to make seemingly canned posts as if they were written by professionals with years of experience in every field imaginable.

Yodel was able to make its posts look like they were coming from someone with years of experience. However, if you examine one Yodel post, you will notice it doesn’t mention any specific company or date. The titles are also very vague and do not give much away about what is going on in a certain field or industry. There are not even links back to more detailed information on any topic discussed in these posts which could have given people insight into real issues in different industries or jobs. This makes them rather comical as a read.

How does it do it?

Using an algorithm based on machine learning and natural language processing that learns how people write about themselves on social media, it cranks out bizarre posts full of pseudo-motivational phrases.

As people publish more posts on social media, AI is learning how to capture their voice. The bot takes thousands of individual posts and analyses their content, applying what it learns to new text. It doesn’t always understand exactly what’s going on though, leading to bizarre misspellings and subject matter that will make you wonder if a human really was behind it. Once it understands its job better, who knows where it could go from there?

Why would anyone use it?

LinkedIn is one of the most important professional networks, but it can also feel like a place where you are constantly selling yourself. The more positive connections you make on LinkedIn, the more opportunities to network with professionals who share your interests and goals. But what if all that self-promotion got really old really fast? Enter–the world’s first ever artificial intelligence writing software for LinkedIn posts.

Here are some examples from the site

I just want to take a moment to thank the sun, who has given me so much energy and power over these past few months.

You’re all part of my journey and I wouldn’t be who I am without you.

I wanted to write this post for new years eve because time is moving fast. I’m so grateful for what’s happened and what’s going to happen in the future. Happy New Year!

I wanted to share my story with you because I never would have imagined that I could do anything like what I’m doing now.

These are some highlights from the Twitter reaction

-Oh, I always wanted to share the time when I would keep standing up because it was too short. Until one day a large friend of mine sat on it and it did not move anymore.

-It is more important to be aware of what is going on around you. Notice when something bad happens and help if you can! This also counts for if somebody has hurt themselves or just gotten lost

-Today I am eating a peanut butter sandwich with a chocolate bar spread all over the bread, nom nom nom. Then next week I am going to eat some of my own cooking. Tastes good! (why aren’t there any pictures?)

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