The Price of Disney Plus is Increasing, But There’s Still Good News

The Price of Disney Plus is Increasing, But There's Still Good News

We’ve got some bad news for you if you’re planning on subscribing to Disney Plus as soon as it launches later this year. According to Bloomberg, the streaming service will be increasing its price from $6.99 to $7.99 per month, along with adding an ad-supported tier that will cost $4.99 per month — and that’s just in the United States. The price increase doesn’t apply internationally yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time before the new pricing structure rolls out across the globe. On the other hand, we have some good news!

How Much Does Disney+ Cost Now?

At first, Disney Plus’s price increase may seem like bad news for customers. There is good news though: the platform has finally launched its ad-supported tier which will be available at a cheaper cost of $5 a month. Plus, Disney is still offering an exclusive, year-long trial period before prices go up in December of this year. The standard plan costs $6.99 per month, the deluxe plan costs $8.99 per month and the premium plan costs $11.99 per month which have all gone up by $2 per month since the service’s launch last November.

How Much Does the Basic Plan Cost?

As of December, the Disney Plus Basic Plan will cost $6.99/month. This is a $1 increase from its current price of $5.99/month, but it’s still less than half the price of Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO each cost per month for similar services that don’t have exclusive content. Plus, Disney Plus still has an ad-supported tier option as well as larger packages available for purchase on an annual basis starting at just $69/year or by signing up for its Auto-Payment option which has a no interest or contract commitment.

How Much Does the Max Plan Cost?

Disney Plus is the streaming service created by Disney, which has the added bonus of being able to get access to Disney’s huge library of live-action and animated films. The cost of this streaming service is going up soon, but there’s some good news too. Currently, the subscription costs $7.99 a month, but that price will increase to $9.99 for new subscribers on December 18th of this year.

Which Devices Will Support Disney+?

Like many streaming services, Disney Plus will be available on most devices. The only exception is that the service will not be available for browsers, such as Safari and Chrome.

Netflix has been in the news a lot lately due to the hike in their prices from $8.99 to $12.99. Netflix announced that starting October 18th, new subscribers would have to pay $14.99 for their basic subscription instead of the current fee of $10.99 per month. They also said that any new subscribers after September 14th who did not take advantage of the higher priced offer would also have to pay this amount for their subscriptions, starting at the time of purchase

What Channels Are Available on Free Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is a free, live and on-demand television service that can be streamed from devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and Roku streaming devices. It’s available for anyone with an internet connection. On Pluto TV, you can choose from hundreds of entertainment channels. There are multiple Disney Plus channels that you can subscribe to for an added monthly fee or watch through their ad-supported tier which will launch in December. Some of the channels available on Pluto TV include ABC, NBC, A&E and National Geographic but most importantly DISNEY plus!

The price of Disney Plus is increasing next month and will launch a free ad-supported tier in December so if you’re looking to save some money you might want to look into it.

Will Subscribers Get Ads On Their Service?

Disney Plus is increasing its price, but it will still be an affordable option for families. Disney Plus, which was introduced on November 12th with a monthly fee of $6.99, is now hiking its prices to $7.99 per month from December 7th onwards. Disney announced that the price hike reflects customer feedback and will allow them to invest in improving the service.

And though the price increase will likely be greeted with some frustration, it’s worth noting that Disney Plus still offers a cheaper subscription than other streaming services.

What Will Happen to Existing Apps Like Hulu or Netflix?

Disney Plus will cost $6.99/month, Disney+Sports will cost $8.99/month, and Disney+HBO will cost $12.99/month with no commercial interruption on the latter two options. Disney’s ad-supported option is still free and, as of now, will stay that way. Netflix and Hulu remain in the game but would need to find an income stream beyond their subscriptions to compete with the powerhouse that is Disney+ or completely revamp their value proposition – currently they have few original shows of their own but do offer a vast library of old movies and TV series for a small monthly fee that may be better for those who are unwilling to pay for original content on its own.

When Is Disney+ Launching Worldwide

Disney+ is expected to be available on November 12, 2019, with a price of $6.99 for the basic plan. The best part? There’s no limit on how many users can use it under the same account. Disney Plus will have 4 plans which include a basic plan at $6.99 per month, a single-streamer at $7.99 per month, and a family plan (up to 6 streams) at $12.99 per month per person or $149.99 annually, with prices being much lower if you sign up before January 25th 2020 to secure rates through December 31st 2020: Basic:$5 ($50 annual), Single-streamer:$4 ($40 annual), Family Plan:$2 ($20 annual).

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This information is also pertinent because Disney Plus is going to start charging more as well as introduce an ad-supported tier, as of December 12th.

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