The best way to drop a pin on Google Maps!

The best way to drop a pin on Google Maps!

There are two main ways to drop a pin on Google Maps, depending on where you want to use it. If you’re planning your route with Google Maps in your desktop or mobile browser, you can drag the map around and drop the pin by clicking the map and then clicking Drop Pin at the bottom of the screen. For Google Maps in your mobile app, tap the floating action button in the top right of the screen and tap Drop Pin under Explore What’s Here to place a pin anywhere on the map without moving it around first.

Step 1: Get the Google My Business App

Getting the app is simple- just download it onto your mobile device or computer. The first time you open the app, you’ll be asked to set up an account and then enter in information about your business including name, address, phone number, hours of operation and website URL. Be sure to take some time while setting up your profile to complete these fields with good content- they will make all the difference in helping people find your place. Once all of this is completed, you’re ready to start adding pins!

Step 2: Click Edit then More

You can drag and move the pin around until you find the perfect location. But if you want the location to be a little more specific, you can zoom in by clicking and dragging over the map with your mouse, or double-tap and drag with your finger if you’re using an Android device.

Or, click ‘Zoom In’ after moving your cursor onto the map. It should highlight the area that’s in view on the map. Then click where you want to add a point.

Now that you’ve added a point, click Done (you can also click Save if you want to save your map changes as a new location). That’s it! You should now see your point appear on the map. If you zoom in, you’ll also see your icon with more information about its name and address.

Step 3: Click Add Location

  1. Type in your address, tap send, and your location will be sent to the Mapbox servers where it is processed and embedded into the map. You can also specify latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. Tap Create and you’re done!

You can also click on an address in your contacts list or bookmarks, or enter latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. If you want to create a pin for more than one location (for example, home and work), repeat these steps for each place you need to drop a pin. As long as you have selected directions from your current location as your search area, all of these locations will be highlighted with blue markers once they have been dropped onto the map. Clicking any of them will reveal step-by-step directions from your current location.

Step 4: Type in your address

Type in your address. I typed in 10 Downing Street. Next, you will see the location appear on the map and a small window pop up with info about the address. The final step is easy, just click Done. Congratulations, you have successfully dropped a pin on Google Maps!

If you want to drop more than one pin on Google Maps, simply hit enter and type in another address. The pins will be automatically added in sequence. You can also hold down your shift key when you type an address into step 4. This will tell Google maps not to place your first address until you release your shift key at which point it will add that pin to your map and allow you to continue typing addresses. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them below or visit my website or social media pages linked below where I discuss search engine optimisation.

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