Snapchat: The Pending Problem

Snapchat: The Pending Problem

Snapchat may be one of the most popular social media platforms out there, but it does have its share of problems, too. One major one? The pending notification that shows up on your story page when it hasn’t loaded in time – and what you can do about it! We’ve all been there at one point or another – you open Snapchat, and BAM! All those messages and pictures that your friends have posted start flooding your screen and your phone freezes!

About ‘Pending’ Snaps

If you’re seeing the pending icon on a snap, it means the recipient of your snap didn’t have time to view it before another snap popped up. Luckily, there’s an easy fix!

If you try to send a snap while someone is viewing one, they’ll receive the following message and be given the option to cancel or save your Snapchat story. If they choose not to reply, they’ll still be able to replay the story in their Memories section later on. If they select ‘Cancel’, then all new snaps will go into their Pending folder until you answer them.

Why ‘Pending’ Is Bad For You

One of the most frustrating parts of using Snapchat is when someone you follow doesn’t upload a new snap for hours. While it may not be intentional, their account goes into pending mode and you start to wonder if something has happened to them. This leaves people frustrated, wondering what’s going on, and feeling unconnected.

You can tap on a pending user’s name and find out why they are gone, but this requires effort from both parties–the app user and the person that has put their account on hold. When someone posts from pending mode, they should make sure they at least let us know they are okay.

4 Fixes To Get Rid Of ‘Pending’ On Snapchat

  1. Head over to the Settings page on your phone and make sure that you have the date and time correct, because this is a key issue with the Snapchat app that causes ‘pending’. If you can’t get it fixed with these steps, contact Apple or Google for help.
  2. Check your Wi-Fi connection, which can also cause problems when trying to use Snapchat. Reconnecting to Wi-Fi is a quick way to see if it will fix the problem. If not, try switching to cellular data instead of Wi-Fi in order to run Snapchat smoothly.
  3. Resetting your device may be necessary if none of the other options work for you as well.

6 Tips To Prevent ‘Pending’ From Happening Again

In order to avoid the dreaded ‘pending’ issue on Snapchat, it’s a good idea to try these tips.

1) Be patient and don’t force it. If your snaps won’t send, give it some time before trying again. If they still don’t send after that, you might have one of the other issues we mentioned above and should address those first.

2) Check your WiFi connection or mobile data network is on; if you’re running low on data too fast or have been out of Wi-Fi range for a while, this can happen too!

3) Power cycle your device (hold down the power button until your phone switches off). This has solved the problem for many people!

Don’t Lose Out On Followers When Your Snap Story Disappears!

Are you on Snapchat? Get ready for the following to happen. A) your friends will suddenly stop following you and B) all of your Snap Story disappears. Do not panic! You are not alone with this problem and there is a simple fix to get back up and running again. As long as the problem hasn’t been going on for more than 3 days, contact Snapchat support, who will work with you to reset your account. This can be done by making sure that you don’t log out of the app for more than 10 minutes before logging back in. Snap Inc., the makers of Snapchat, can give you additional help if this still doesn’t solve the issue. There’s no need to lose followers or any videos of precious memories!

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

So what does pending mean on Snapchat? Is it something that you should be worried about? Well, yes and no. If you are having a connection issue with your device or data, then the pending symbol is showing that there is currently a delay with your messages being sent. This can be because of anything from bad Wi-Fi connection to spotty cell service.

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