The emojis you need to know to be a Snapchat pro

The emojis you need to know to be a Snapchat pro

Introducing the world of Snapchat can be intimidating to those new to the platform. Between Stories, chat, and all the different filters, there’s a lot to learn about how to use Snapchat for its intended purpose—fun! To help you take full advantage of this social media platform, we’ve put together this list of essential emojis every Snapchat user should know. Whether you’re trying to make your message more expressive or just have some fun with your friends, these will come in handy in no time!


There are also a number of emojis that are exclusive to Snapchat. The most recognizable emoji is the crown, which can be earned by gaining followers and is used as a shortcut to view snaps from people you have added on Snapchat. Another emoji you need to know is the high five, which appears when someone in your story or chat has just sent you a snap or replied to your message. Finally, you’ll see two winking faces with sunglasses when someone has viewed your story for 24 hours without it is unopened.

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Emojis are a new way to communicate and sometimes they may not be as obvious as you think. There are emojis you should know to be a Snapchat pro. These emojis include emojis with sunglasses – this means that the person has enabled temporary stories. Dog – this indicates a search for a friend’s name, but can also mean sending someone a link. Gold stars – these indicate video or chat conversations with others, and can also mean sending someone an item.

Ghost (the most important one!)

The ghost is Snapchat’s mascot and it is essential to have him in all your snaps. He may not be a fun way to send an emoji, but it will be the only way to see who views your snap. If you don’t want strangers viewing your photos and videos (and, really, who does?), use this icon sparingly or not at all.


Here are the emojis you need to know if you want to be a Snapchat pro:

  1. The word UFO is used to caption photographs and videos taken from your point of view. If you hold down the button that takes pictures, this will take a video from your perspective as opposed to taking a photo. For example.
  2. The Love Heart is used to caption expressions of love, so don’t let it get lost in translation! It’s not just for Valentine’s Day or romantic relationships; we heart pretty much everything about this wonderful world of ours here on Earth: cats, sandwiches, and even ugly sweaters!

Banana Section: Eggplant Section: Hot dog

Once you know these emojis, you’ll be a Snapchat pro. Let’s start with the banana. The yellow banana is used to represent male genitalia which you can make wider or shorter depending on what you send your friend. If that sounds out of bounds for you, it might be best to avoid the banana emoji altogether. Just remember: if someone has a little peeling at the top they want to eat it and if they have a peel at the bottom they want to feed it to you. The eggplant emoji is being used as another form of male genitalia among users.

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Unicorn Section: Rainbow Section: Lightning

One of the newer emojis on Snapchat is the rainbow. It has a bunch of colors that are organized in a line with dots between them. The most important thing to know about the rainbow emoji is that it does not actually mean that you had an amazing day or anything like that. When someone sends you a rainbow, they’re basically just telling you to keep your head up and stay positive because things will get better soon enough. Lightning is another new Snapchat emoji that replaces the old fire emoji, but what it actually means is a little bit different. When someone sends you the lightning, they’re trying to let you know that they don’t want to wait around for something too long and have no patience at all.

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