Sharing App Bliss: A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram

Sharing App Bliss: A Beginner's Guide to Instagram

If you’re on the lookout for the best and latest apps, Instagram might have come up on your radar by now. But if it hasn’t, here’s what you need to know about this sharing app that almost every millennial uses today. By the end of this beginner’s guide to Instagram, you’ll be sharing like the pros in no time!

The magic of social media

With the touch of a button, it’s possible to share your life with friends and family. This is precisely what the revolutionary social media platform known as Instagram does. It helps its users create a time capsule of sorts-recording moments in their lives through the magic of photos and videos shared on the app. But what exactly is this app that has taken over so many facets of social media? What are its features? How can you use it in your own life? All your questions will be answered in this comprehensive guide to Instagram!

How does it help you?

Photo-sharing apps allow you to capture and share moments in your life with friends and family. If you’ve ever considered using the wildly popular app, then it might be time for you to learn more about its potential benefits.

If you’re thinking about joining the billion-user party that is on Instagram, then don’t worry! We’re here with a beginner’s guide to everything you need to know before hitting upload. Follow these seven simple steps to join in on the photo-sharing app bliss that so many people have already discovered!

How does it hurt you?

Social media as a whole is difficult enough to navigate, let alone the newest and most popular sharing app, Instagram. With so many features and filters to choose from, it can be daunting knowing where to start. To give you some direction, we’ve put together this guide of tips on how best to use the app. Let’s get started!

First and foremost, download the app! You’ll need a Twitter or Facebook account for this step. And remember that your full privacy settings for these accounts should be enabled when you sign up for Instagram in order to protect your personal information from strangers.

3 essential questions for newbies

Do you want a guide to Instagram for beginners? Why not start with 3 essential questions newbies should answer before getting started.

How do I find followers? The best way is by looking at someone else’s account and following the people who are following them back. How do I post photos? The most popular way is to simply upload an image from your camera roll or take a quick photo with your phone’s camera.

What makes a good picture?

It should be in focus, not blurry. It makes a great photo even better if you have your hands in the shot. No distracting backgrounds like dirty floors or walls. Make sure it isn’t too dark, too bright, or has bad lighting. Take at least three photos of the same thing so that you can choose one to use and delete the others later.

What should you avoid?

Most users think of Instagram as a place for sharing snapshots and keeping up with friends, but it has become more than that. With one billion people using the app and advertising opportunities galore, there are many ways you can leverage your time spent on the platform into tangible benefits. To start, take these tips from our Guide to Instagram:

-Aim for consistency. Your goal is to post at least once a day so people have a reason to check back in again. When posting, try uploading the same content (e.g., your picture) with different captions or by changing filters over time.

-Engage other accounts – not just your own! Commenting on other accounts increases their engagement rates by 26% so give them some love too!

Where should you go?

These days, it seems that most of the Western world has a smartphone in their hand 24/7. Between looking at text messages and emails, checking social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, playing games, watching YouTube videos— you get the picture. For many people these things are a necessary part of life. And now with this one app- Instagram- everyone can have a virtual camera in their pocket all day long. But just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean they know how to do it well or that they’re aware of all its features (even longtime users may not be). Here is your guide to Instagram for beginners!

(1) What does following someone mean?

The basics of editing your photos

The second step is editing your photos. To edit a photo, tap on the camera icon on the top left of your screen, then press and hold one of the filtered photo icons on the bottom half of your screen. The filters can change everything from giving a black-and-white treatment to changing your exposure for nighttime shots. Some of these filters also add an artificial vintage look which you may or may not want. Press and hold one of these filters then move it up or down until you find one that suits you best before saving it!

Why content is important

Instagram has over a billion users and is growing rapidly. Though it might seem overwhelming at first, a guide to Instagram can help new users find their way through this social media platform. With these tips, you’ll be able to get started on Instagram and make your feed share app bliss!

Am I doing this right?

When I first started using Instagram a few years ago, it felt like something I couldn’t quite figure out. Sure, it was easy enough to take photos and post them online, but I had no idea what the point of this app was other than keeping up with my friends’ lives. So you can imagine how elated I was when someone gave me a beginner’s guide to Instagram as a gift recently– and helped me understand how simple it is. The book laid out a guide for becoming an active and respected member of the Instagram community, as they say, and explained not only what you need to do but also why you should do it.

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