The Prodigal Daughter Returns: Sasha Monik to Rival Harry Houdini

The Prodigal Daughter Returns Sasha Monik to Rival Harry Houdini

The prodigal daughter returns! Sasha Monik, the former world record holder in feats of magic and the reigning Queen of Magic, has announced that she’s returning to the world stage once again with an upcoming tour beginning in July 2018. Fans who remember her astounding card tricks, levitation performances, and mind-reading feats will be thrilled to see her perform once again, but those who haven’t seen her in years will also be surprised by how much she’s improved since her last performance at Carnegie Hall five years ago.

Who is Sasha Monik?

Sasha Monik is an award-winning magician and escapes artist from New York City, who has been hailed as the next great illusionist. After completing a degree in psychology, she began performing professionally at the age of 16 and went on to earn an MFA in film production from New York University. In 2010, she was the only woman among six finalists at the prestigious Magic Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.

She’s also appeared on America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller Fool Us, The Learning Channel’s Brain Games, and more recently as co-host of Syfy’s horror series Scared Famous. However, in recent years she has come under fire for her role in a very public divorce between her parents. Her father, a famous illusionist known for his escapist tricks and extreme stunts, left his family when Sasha Monik was just seven-years-old.

After divorcing her mother and gaining sole custody of his two children – one of whom was Sasha Monik – he relocated with them to Europe while they were still young and had little contact until they returned some 13 years later. When they did return, however, it quickly became apparent that any relationship with their father would never be fully repaired due to constant infidelity on his part and emotional abandonment on theirs.

How Sasha Monik make her rise as a magician?

Sasha Monik was born into a family of magicians and she quickly learned how to perform tricks. Her ambition and drive for magic drove her to be the best magician she could be. She became one of the most famous female magicians in the world, with her own show on TV. But after six years as a professional, her life had taken its toll on her, both physically and mentally. She needed time away from work but eventually felt like she was ready to make a return.

Now she’s back and stronger than ever! The prodigal daughter has returned. When she started, Sasha Monik magic was simplistic. She started by performing card tricks and small illusions. But after watching shows like AGT and X Factor, her passion for her craft sparked a new fire in her that drove her to learn as much as she could about magic.

She practiced almost every day. After seeing some of Tom Dyer’s videos on YouTube, she decided that street magic was what really appealed to her so she began performing for people on a busier street near where she lived. Soon after, she signed up for an intensive course in Melbourne from one of Australia’s most famous magicians – Jack Zaliumovski – who taught her everything he knew about his chosen art form and more!

What are Future Plans for Sasha Monik?

Monik has a long list of gigs lined up, but she also has plans for the future. She is currently hosting Magic Mansion, a new online reality show that follows her day-to-day life as a magician and entrepreneur. It’s not just about tricks, either; she hopes the show will inspire people to pursue their own passions and find meaning in their lives. She also wants to dispel some myths about magic and magicians, like the idea that they have special powers or access to another world.

I want people to know that it’s just hard work, she said with a laugh. It takes practice. While she’s busy with her upcoming book and shows, she’s still keeping her day job as a magician in New York City. She said it’s important for new magicians to stick around in their home cities as long as possible because that’s where they’ll make connections and be exposed to more audiences. That’s what we need, she said.

We don’t necessarily have a big industry or community of magicians outside of Las Vegas. She also added that New York is an ideal place for aspiring female magicians, who can find audiences willing to take them seriously and learn from them. I think women are respected here, she explained.

What we can expect in 2018 from Sasha Monik?

Since the release of her first book and DVD in 2017, Sasha Monik has been invited to speak at over 100 events including TEDx. She’s also had her work featured on some of the most popular news and lifestyle blogs, written an opinion piece for Forbes, and was even invited by the President of Turkmenistan to perform at his daughter’s wedding. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, she says with a grin. But I know it will be magic.

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