Sasha Monik sparks dating rumors with Instagram post – Is she off the market?

Sasha Monik sparks dating rumors with Instagram post - Is she off the market

There are so many celebrity couples out there like Sasha Monik, it can be hard to keep up with them all! Are they still together? Did they split up? Did they get married? Where do they live? A lot of times it’s hard to tell who’s dating whom and which couple will last. But there’s one couple that we know nothing about and that’s Sasha Monik Sparks and her boyfriend (or husband, maybe). We know her name, but we don’t know who she is or where she lives, or anything else!

Who is Sasha Monik?

Born in California, Sasha Monik Sparks is an American television personality best known for her work on E! News as a correspondent. She is also a host on Watch What Happens Life and has a side gig as an actress. Sparks began her career as a sports reporter and was later promoted to co-host of E! News Weekend. She has interviewed celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian West, and Beyoncé Knowles.

Sparks began her career as a reporter and sideline reporter for Fox Sports Southwest and SportsDay Dallas in Dallas, Texas. In 2010, Sparks was promoted to become a co-host of E! News Weekend in Los Angeles, California. Aside from her onscreen presence at E!, Sparks also has hosted red-carpet specials for The 2012 ESPYs Awards and The 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

Who are her past boyfriends/girlfriends?

Monik is rumored to have been in relationships with a number of celebrities, including but not limited to Jake Pavelka and Derek Hough. She has yet to comment on her current relationship status.

Sparks and Hough were rumored to have been an item in 2013, but they both denied it. We’re just really good friends, Sparks told E! News at that time. She also told People magazine: He’s one of my best friends … We’re just friends, so I don’t know why we would make such a big deal out of something. For his part, Hough said: I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Her rumored past love life explained

Since her reported breakup, Sasha Monik has kept a low profile. She’s been spotted at a few events here and there, but nothing to write home about. She’s also been spotted out and about in West Hollywood, where she reportedly lives as of now.

A few weeks ago Sasha Monik posted an Instagram of herself with a caption that read Happy Thanksgiving. However, it seems that her fans have taken it in more ways than one. The picture was taken from below Sasha Monik shoulders and peeks down her top. Her fingers are clutched together as if she is holding something and there is a large diamond ring on her left hand — which could be what sparked the rumors that she’s engaged or about to be married soon!

Why have there been dating rumors about her lately

Earlier this week, Sasha Monik Sparks posted a picture of herself in a bikini to her Insta story. In the caption, she wrote Vacation vibes. The picture has drawn the attention of her followers and fans alike.

Since breaking up with long-term boyfriend James Bayliss back in March, speculation about Sparks’ love life has been rife. She’s been linked to former One Direction star Harry Styles, who is currently on tour with Taylor Swift in Europe.

The singer-songwriter is also currently working on her upcoming album and there are rumors that Styles will feature on one of the tracks. Whether or not there is any truth to these rumors remains to be seen but it looks like Sasha Monik has found love once more!

The Evidence

Sasha Monik Sparks posted a photo of herself on Instagram last night. In the picture, you can see that her hair is down and makeup free, and she’s wearing a gray sweatshirt and jeans. She is also holding hands with an unknown man, who has his arm around her. Sparks captioned the photo: Tonight I’m feeling followed by a heart emoji.

We have not heard much from Sasha Monik in a while, but it seems like now may be a good time to catch up on what’s been going on in her life. The last time we saw her, she was involved in a love triangle with Gage Golightly and Navid Shirazi. Sparks then dated Navid for a few months before breaking up and moving on to Gage, who had previously dated Golightly.

It also looked like Sparks was about to get engaged at one point during her relationship with Gage. She even got ring-shopping advice from none other than Raquel Bitton! Sparks has also said that if there is one thing she knows how to do well, it’s picked, men.

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