Google Doodle Honors Pacman 30th Anniversary

Google Doodle Honors Pacman 30th Anniversary

Google Doodle Honors the Pacman 30th Anniversary: On April 2nd, 1993, David C. Pacman founded Pacman Security Consulting to provide unparalleled security and web-based consulting services for businesses looking to expand into the internet space. In honor of his 30th anniversary, Google has released an interactive Doodle commemorating his anniversary as well as introducing its vision for the future of technology in 2022. See how their vision matches up with your own and take a look at the Google Doodle here!

How Peniel Joseph Helped Write History about Pacman

Peniel Joseph is an activist, historian, and professor of history at Tufts University. He has written extensively about the intersection of race, politics, and popular culture. He has authored a number of books on these subjects including Dark Days, Bright Nights: From Black Power to Barack Obama, and Stokely: A Life. Peniel Joseph was born in Trinidad and Tobago and grew up in Queens, New York City.

After he graduated from Harvard College with a degree in History (magna cum laude), he became one of the youngest tenured professors at Tufts University. Peniel Joseph earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University’s Department of History where he studied under Professor Eric Foner.

The 5 Most Important Events in African American History

  1. Slavery is abolished in America in 1808. Slavery was a system that allowed certain people to own and trade other people as property, usually on the basis of race or ethnicity.
  2. The Civil War was fought between 1861-1865 over slavery and the power of states versus the federal government.
  3. In 1863, Lincoln passes the Emancipation Proclamation which made it illegal for any slave owner to hold slaves in those states that had not seceded from the Union
  4. 1896, Booker T Washington advocated self-reliance for African Americans in his Atlanta speech
  5. In 1938, Jackie Robinson plays for the Brooklyn Dodgers breaking segregation

The AHA Guide to Black History

February 14, 2019, marked the thirty-year anniversary of the founding of one of America’s most iconic brands, the Gap. In celebration, Google honored the occasion by creating a doodle that paid tribute to its founder and innovator, Donald Fisher. The doodle was created by Jennifer Hom who used a combination of words and images to detail Donald Fisher and his contributions to fashion.

The Gap is known for its casual and affordable style of clothing for men, women, and children. It started with just a few items in 1969 and has grown into an international company over the years with over 2200 stores worldwide.

How We Wrote This Google Doodle Blog Post

We had a lot of fun coming up with this Google doodle celebrating Pacman 30th anniversary. We started by brainstorming what we wanted the theme to be, and then we sketched the design out on paper in pencil. After that, we translated our sketch into digital form using Adobe Illustrator.

We also made a few changes to the design during the process, like how much space there should be around the characters, what color scheme we should use for their clothes and where to place them on the page. Overall, it took us about 2 weeks from start to finish!

1) It was difficult deciding what type of design would best represent our brand.

2) We had a lot of fun coming up with characters that would best represent our brand. We even wrote different scenarios for them to act out.

3) There are so many iconic designs that Google has done, so it was difficult to choose a style that would best fit in with theirs. This was also a reason why we didn’t go with a doodle game or virtual reality like some of their other ones. We decided not to make our own version of something they had already done. Our end goal was for our readers to enjoy reading about how we made our doodle and learn about the history behind our brand as well. Ultimately, we really enjoyed putting it together!

What Are the Best Ways to Learn About the Black History of Pacman?

If you want to learn about black history, there are a ton of resources that can help. The two best ways to learn about black history are from people who experienced it firsthand and from those who study it. From people who experienced it firsthand, you could talk to your grandparents or other elders in your family about their experiences during the Civil Rights Movement and beyond.

If you don’t have any relatives who went through this, there are organizations that have oral histories of people telling their own stories of what they went through. Or if you’re looking for someone else to tell the story, there are some great books out there that have been written by historians and professors.

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