Are You an OP or a Noob? A Comprehensive Guide to the Most Important Slang on the Internet

Are You an OP or a Noob? A Comprehensive Guide to the Most Important Slang on the Internet

The Internet can be an amazing place, but with it comes hundreds of abbreviations and acronyms that can be confusing, even to the more experienced users. One such term is OP. The word has many different meanings, and if you’re new to the Internet, it may not be obvious what each one means or when to use it. Luckily, in this comprehensive guide on OP usage, we’ll cover all the meanings behind the term so you know exactly when to use it and how people will react if you get it wrong.

Let’s Get Started

To start off, let’s explain what ‘OP’ means.

It stands for Operator and it refers to someone who is better than everyone else in any particular game mode. Let’s be real, everybody wants to be able to call themselves an OP (it feels good). What people don’t know is that there are 2 different types of Ops. The first is Operator Prime which refers only to users in competitive play. The second type of operator is Operators which can be seen as slang and refer strictly those who aren’t on competitive teams. In this blog post, we’re going over how important it is for you to understand how these terms are used and how you can always use them correctly online.

How did OP come about?

The term OP comes from discussions in video games, where people new to a game would often ask questions that had already been answered by more experienced players. The term was then taken online and became slang for original poster, or someone who posts something first on a forum. Noob comes from online gaming, meaning newbie.

OPs were first asked questions as they were inexperienced players, whereas noobs are new players that don’t know how to play yet. To say that someone is a noob online is to imply that they have not learned how to play well. Another implication of being called a noob can be made fun of due to their inexperience in what they are attempting. OPs, however, are considered more serious and important posts, as it was usually made by people who have become more experienced in what they do. Both terms come from gaming forums, but are now used across most social media platforms and various internet communities for different purposes.

What does OP mean in relation to topics on forums, Reddit and elsewhere?

OP – The term is often used in forums, subreddits, blogs and other places where posters can remain anonymous. It means Original Poster and it signifies who started a specific thread. A thread could be about anything from complaining about work to telling people about their day. Oftentimes, when someone posts something offensive and isn’t tagged with OP, people will come after them as if they started the post.

Noob – The term is often used in forums, subreddits, blogs and other places where posters can remain anonymous. It means Newbie or New User and signifies somebody who just joined the site/thread.

How do I capitalize OP without sounding like I’m yelling at people?

An emphasis is generally not necessary when you are writing text, as it is implied that you want your words to stand out and be read. This means that you should use all lowercase letters when it comes to abbreviations like ‘OP.’ It also applies for acronyms. For example, CIO stands for Chief Information Officer in its entirety. But, if you would like your word to have an emphasis (i.e., be capitalized), then use a capital letter when referencing only one word from the acronym.

Examples of How Not To Use OP Correctly On The Web…or any place really

Unfortunately, many people do not understand what it means when someone calls them an OP online. In this sentence, OP stands for something entirely different than in the sentence before. If you are going to make a website, have been scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed for too long, or in any way involved with social media you have probably seen these words tossed around and may be confused about what they mean.

Hopefully this helps clear things up so that you know when you should use it correctly!

Examples of Proper Usage Of OP

OP is not necessarily someone with lots of experience and knowledge. The term is also used to refer to someone who does something good. For example, if you successfully got your Kickstarter campaign funded for 100% of its goal, then you are considered an OP. This term isn’t just for winners though. If you successfully vote in a poll, then you’re also an OP. However, if you voted in the wrong poll, then that’s not what it means.

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