Kohl’s or Burlington: Which Store is the Clear Winner?

Kohl's or Burlington: Which Store is the Clear Winner?

How often do you shop at Kohls or Burlington? Which store do you prefer? Sometimes it’s hard to decide between the two, but after shopping at both, there was a clear winner in our book.

The first thing we did

We went shopping at both Kohl’s and Burlington to see which was a better store. Kohl’s and Bloomingdale’s were two stores that many of us considered when deciding on which store to go to, but we ultimately decided on going to both of them and then returning with thoughts about each of them, narrowing it down as we went.

We knew that we were going to be comparing Kohl’s and Bloomingdale’s, so we made sure to bring with us items we could purchase at both stores in order to see if they were worth it. After perusing both stores and finding similar prices on clothing and home goods, we decided to check out their food court offerings. Here, although they were similar on some levels (they had mostly similar foods), there was a clear winner in our minds.

Note that you could use facts and stats if you want instead of personal examples. This can work for all types of writing assignments, not just for blogs! It’s totally up to you which one you decide upon, but either way, it should be interesting and engaging!

What our choices looked like

We shopped at Kohl’s and Burlington to see which was a better store, and there was a clear winner. We checked out all sorts of departments- the toy section, clothing, accessories, and food court- to see which store had a better selection. Kohl’s won because it had such an extensive clothing department with designer brands at affordable prices (for what we were looking for). It also had great toy selections that rivaled big chains like Toys R Us. There was no competition in this category for us. From electronics to housewares, Kohl’s has pretty much everything you need. But as far as shopping experiences go, I prefer shopping at Burlington. It has such a relaxed vibe with so many different types of products from home goods to clothes.

The product we picked out – my pick

Finding a purse can be difficult. Finding one you like that is on sale, not so much. We shopped at Kohl’s and Burlington to see which was a better store, and there was a clear winner: Kohl’s has more choices and colors available for similar prices than Burlington. In addition, we found it easier to find shoes that were on sale at Kohl’s as well as clothes, whereas Burlington had significantly less variety in their fashion department.


You might be wondering why we didn’t look at Target, but that’s because we only wanted to write about two stores and there was a clear winner between Kohl’s and Burlington. If you have any further questions about our research feel free to leave a comment! We’ll be happy to answer it.

The product we picked out – Emma’s pick

We had the best of intentions to shop for new school clothes for our daughter, Emma. But once we were inside the store, we got sidetracked by how much fun it was and ended up with a lot more than just clothes for Emma. We shopped at Kohl’s and Burlington to see which was a better store, and there was a clear winner. At Kohl’s, everything from jeans to sweatshirts was cheap! That’s what we like! The cashiers were also really friendly and helpful, so that made our experience even better. Our one complaint was that there weren’t as many brands to choose from as there are at Burlington so it took longer to find something that looked good on her.

At Burlington, we found some great deals too, but you’ll want to come prepared. You need to wait in line at least 15 minutes before they let you inside, and then it takes another 15 minutes just to get into a dressing room. We ended up bringing Emma’s school clothes home on a hanger while she waited in line because there was nowhere else for her to sit! Once we finally got her in a dressing room it was well worth it though because she looked so cute! We saw brands that we had never heard of before but loved!

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