Kevin McCarthy Promises to Punish Democrats and Big Tech After Mark Zuckerberg’s Comments on Hunter Bid

Kevin McCarthy Promises to Punish Democrats and Big Tech After Mark Zuckerberg's Comments on Hunter Bid

As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to testify before Congress, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) today said that he intends to punish Democrats and Big Tech by going after their advertisers. Today, Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, admitted that the company made mistakes in its handling of user data and promised to do better, McCarthy said in his statement. While I’m glad Mr. Zuckerberg has apologized, I’m deeply concerned by his vague promises to make sure this doesn’t happen again, McCarthy added.

Why McCarthy made these comments

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted major tech companies for punishing conservatives after Mark Zuckerberg denied that Facebook suppressed conservative posts about Hunter Biden. The Zuck (Mark Zuckerberg) says there’s no such thing as anti-conservative bias on Facebook, McCarthy said on Fox News’s The Ingraham Angle. We’re going to prove him wrong.

The mainstream media is out of control, they can report whatever they want, and in fact, they do it with impunity, he added. They’re never held accountable for their bias and lack of ethics.

McCarthy was responding to comments Zuckerberg made on Wednesday about the youngest son of former Vice President Joe Biden.

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How will he do it?

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday, April 10th. Senators grilled him about Facebook’s mishandling of personal data and Facebook’s contribution to the rise of partisan content online. Zuckerberg pledged that he would take steps to prevent abuse on the platform by making it harder for other applications and individuals to access people’s data without their consent. He also vowed that more proactively prevent foreign interference in US elections more. Toward the end of his testimony, Republican Sen. Kevin McCarthy asked Zuckerberg if Facebook had suppressed posts from conservative publisher News Corp. as retaliation for publishing articles critical of Chelsea Clinton or Hunter Biden–the son of Joe Biden, who is running against Bernie Sanders for president as a Democrat in 2020?

What if he doesn’t follow through?

Big Tech After Mark Zuckerberg’s Comments on Hunter Biden

There is a chance that Kevin McCarthy, the speaker of the House of Representatives, may not follow through with his promise of punishing tech companies for the way in which they have been handling public discourse. Critics on the left have pointed out that Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has long served as a reliable confidant for President Trump. In an interview last night with Kara Swisher from MSNBC News’s Recode Decode Podcast, Zuckerberg said that he believed Facebook had suppressed some posts from a liberal outfit called Definers Public Affairs Inc. but also admitted that he was not sure how many people may have been affected by this suppression.

Who are his political opponents in November 2020?

In his statement, Kevin McCarthy stated that Tech companies must be held accountable for their bias. The Republicans have also spent time criticizing Facebook over the censorship of Diamond and Silk earlier this year. The couple was reportedly censored by Facebook after they posted videos criticizing the platform’s handling of News Feed Trends. Furthermore, last week Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) accused Twitter of censoring his tweets during the 2018 elections. These recent events have led Republican lawmakers to suggest regulating tech companies like utilities due to concerns over unfair treatment, data misuse, and Censorship. In a conference call with reporters, Donald Trump said that Mark Zuckerberg’s comments about Hunter Biden prove Republicans will always do better on social media because

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What does this mean for the Democratic candidates for president in 2024?

Zuckerberg’s comments about the suppression of articles on Biden on Facebook are a clear demonstration of how Big Tech can disproportionately affect the democratic process. If we’re not taking any action, then what’s stopping this sort of manipulation in 2020 or 2024? And yet we’re only hearing excuses from Democratic leadership as Mark Zuckerberg denies that his company made any partisan decisions when they deemed Biden’s story unimportant.

Will there be any issues surrounding LGBTQ groups?

It’s an interesting situation when Mark Zuckerberg says that Facebook suppressed posts about Hunter Biden, yet Kevin McCarthy is promising retribution for Democratic groups. It seems almost ironic that the CEO of Facebook could be censoring posts about the family member of a Republican Congressman who may be censoring posts on his own platform.

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