Here Are All the New Emoji You Can Use on Your iPhone With Apple’s iOS 15.4 Update

Here Are All the New Emoji You Can Use on Your iPhone With Apple's iOS 15.4 Update

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 15.4, was released today, and with it comes an update to the emoji library that makes your iPhone even more expressive than before. With 70 new emoji available on devices with hardware capable of displaying them in color, plus another 52 characters coming in black and white, there are plenty of ways to express yourself via text on your iPhone now without ever needing to use words or pictures. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s new emoji.

Lip Bite

The lip bite emoji is also in this new release, which we all know by now as Kylie Jenner’s signature emoji on Instagram and Snapchat (remember when she broke the internet?) The gesture appears to be exactly what it sounds like: a person biting their lower lip with their top teeth exposed.

The text was then compiled into a type-form font that allows anyone to create phrases using the letter combinations they’ve entered, and after pressing ‘Enter,’ will show up in a lettering format with pre-installed colors that span across two pages: white against a light grey background, and black against a darker shade of grey.

Heart Hands

With Apple rolling out its latest update to iOS, you can now use heart hands emoji in your texts, just like many of your friends have probably been doing for months. Simply tap and hold the pinky finger or thumb finger to cycle through different hand shapes and select a heart-shaped hand when it appears at the bottom of your screen.

Here are all of Apple’s latest emoji, including heart hands, as well as a few that have been redesigned with new looks and updated definitions:

  1. Yellow face with smiling eyes (formerly grinning face) – now sometimes referred to as a grinning face in parts of Asia, but not to be confused with an emoticon called grinning face with smiling eyes which is quite different; a yellow-skinned person or other yellow-skinned creature; red hair; large nose and mouth like Charlie Brown; light skin tone in Brazil, etc.; blindfolded; wearing earphones; brown hair)

Snake Eyes

The new emoji support includes emoji that is representative of faces and facial expressions in much greater detail, says an official statement from Apple. Emoji that depicts things like self-esteem, yawning, prayer, tiredness and drunkenness are now available. Here are some of our favorites:

–A Sinking Face -for when you’re totally unsure how to feel about something or someone (figuratively) sinking in quicksand is a physical feeling and this depiction captures it in emoji form so well! As soon as you see it your heart sinks just a little too. –A Frowny Face -the not-so-good mood emoji for sure!

–A Peeved Face -this emoji is awesome because it really captures that slightly annoyed feeling of being peeved with just a hint of redness in your cheeks. –An Astronaut -even though there aren’t any space-themed emojis included in here, an astronaut is a good example of how detailed and complex looking each one can be! And it still holds true to its roots as a cute astronaut. –A Beaming White Smiley Face -sometimes you just want to see something or someone happy! This emoji does just that! — A ZZ Top style Bearded Face -what we’re trying to say is beard emojis are great, no matter what way they look!

Hot Fudge Sundae

Do you ever want to type in a little bit of emotion or simply put a little punch into your text? You can now do that with Apple’s latest update! There are over 70 new emojis that come with this update and it was just released yesterday morning! These emojis will go hand-in-hand with any texting, emailing, or messaging app you use and they’re already available to download on your device! I’m going to show you some of my favorite new emoticons from this update.

Wind Blowing Face

The Wind Blowing Face emoji is by far my favorite new one that was introduced with this update because it’s just so cute! The expression looks like you’re grinning in anticipation of some wind picking up your hair, or how your face might look before a really good dance session to get your blood pumping and make you feel alive. It’s great for when you want to tell someone hurry up without saying anything at all!

Shocked Face

Apple has finally delivered a whole bunch of new emoji that should please users all over the world, including an exploding head (maybe?), dog faces with tongues hanging out, and plenty of food to choose from. More family members are joining in this update too, with sister, daughter, niece and more alongside mom, dad and grandpa in their new human emoji form.

Plus a few of your favorite old characters have been brought back to life in this update too like Fred Flintstone and Conan O’Brien!

For those times when you’re feeling down or just need a little extra love in your life, you can get an entire melting face which is appropriate because it feels like everyone is melting from this heat these days!

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