How to do a reverse image search on Google from your iPhone, Android, or computer

Have you ever seen an image and wondered, Who took this picture? or Where did I see this before? Well, if you want to know the answer to that question, Google offers an easy-to-use reverse image search tool that can help you locate information about where the image was originally published. In this guide, we’ll explain how to use Google’s reverse image search to find more information about images when you’re on your iPhone, Android phone, or computer.

Reverse Image Search on an iPhone

If you want to do a reverse image search on an iPhone, open the camera app and go to the photo that you would like to investigate. You’ll have three options at the bottom of the screen for taking a new photo, choosing an existing photo and searching for one by date. For this example we will choose search for one by date. From there select All photos so it shows you all photos in your album and then find the one that is of interest and press down on it with two fingers until you see four options show up around it. Choose search Google for this photo. Next type in what you are trying to find (ex: bride) into the empty box.

You’ll notice that after you enter text into that box it will change to showing you images of what you are searching for. You can scroll through those images and if one is not exactly right tap on it and then tap choose different image (You may have to scroll around till you find it). Now when you are sure that is correct press down with two fingers until four options show up around it again. Choose copy link URL. If one appears just press done otherwise go back into your regular photos app and then into that photo’s album again and now there should be a menu option of copy link URL where before there was only three choices.

Reverse Image Search on an Android Phone

Tap the magnifying glass on the toolbar of your device’s browser. Then tap Search by Image and choose which camera mode you want to use: Rear-facing camera (for an object in front of you), Front-facing camera (which would be facing out), or Barcode scanner. Select the camera mode and hold your phone up close so that the object you’re trying to find appears in the viewfinder window. Touching and dragging around it will allow you to zoom in and out if necessary. Tap Take Photo when ready. Once uploaded, hit Search by Image.

If you’re searching for something identifiable in an image you can use copy and paste to find similar images. After you upload an image through Search by Image, tap Search Tools then choose Copy Image URL. Paste that link into Google’s regular search bar and hit Enter. This will show pages of results with images similar to what you just uploaded. This can be helpful if, say, someone is wearing a t-shirt in one photo but not another: You might be able to find additional photos of them wearing it elsewhere online.

Reverse Image Search Via the Web

To view other webpages where the same or similar images are posted: 1. Open up the web browser of your choice and go to Google Images. 2. At the top right of the screen you will see a text field labeled Search tools and next to it is an icon with a magnifying glass. Click this icon. 3. You will now see two different options: Upload an Image and Search by Image. Select Search by Image. 4. Paste in any part of the URL for an image that you want information about and hit enter. 5. You should now see pages where that particular image is displayed prominently.

Reverse Image Searching is also done from any mobile device. On an iPhone: 1. Open up Safari and go to Google Images. 2. At the top right of your screen click on search tools and you will see search by image as one of your options 3. Find and hold down an image that you want information about 4. Click share 5. Your next step depends on if you have iMessage enabled or not If you have iMessage enabled then continue below – If not then skip all steps in between Step 5 and 6 until after step 7 Step 5: Select Message in blue with white outline 6. Copy any portion of the URL into there 7. Paste it into a text message 8.

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