How to Take Care of Your Lipo Battery Charger?

How to Take Care of Your Lipo Battery Charger?

Lipo battery chargers are a great way to charge your lipos for use in RC vehicles and other R/C toys. They can be a bit more expensive than some other types of chargers, but they are also much safer and have more features than the cheaper ones on the market. Take care of your lipo battery charger by cleaning it regularly with a damp cloth and storing it safely when not in use.

Clean the Lipo Battery Charger

Cleaning your Lipo Battery Charger regularly is a must. A clean charger will ensure that it works efficiently and does not cause any damage to the battery or other components of your device.

You can clean the lipo battery charger with a soft cloth, damp cloth or even wet cloth that you use for cleaning the screen of your phone.

Safely Disconnect Your Lipo Battery Charger

  • Disconnect the battery charger from the battery.
  • Disconnect the battery charger from the power source. If you are using an extension cord or a portable power supply, make sure that it is disconnected before removing any electrical connections on either side of your device (i.e., charger).
  • Remove all cables and wires connected to your Lipo Battery Charger and safely store them in an organized manner to prevent damage or injury during storage or transportation outside of your home/office/vehicle environment; this includes both internal wiring such as those found inside adaptors used with external power sources such as car adapters or boat chargers but also external cords such as those used when connecting devices together via USB ports located inside computers themselves so long as they do not have any exposed wires sticking out where someone could accidentally touch them while working around equipment like this one does!

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Remove the Plug from Your Lipo Battery Charger and Dry It

Step 1: Remove the plug from your Lipo Battery Charger and dry it.

Step 2: Clean the plug with a cloth or paper towel and make sure that it is not damaged in any way. If you find any dirt or debris stuck inside, remove them using a toothpick or similar tool so that you can put things back together properly later on down the road!

Take care of your lipo battery charger with regular care.

  • Clean the lipo battery charger.
  • Safely disconnect the lipo battery charger.
  • Remove the plug from the lipo battery charger and dry it with a towel or rag, if possible.


We hope that this article has given you everything you need to know about caring for your lipo battery charger. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the section below!

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