How to mass-delete your emails on Gmail at once

How to mass-delete your emails on Gmail at once

If you ever want to delete all your emails on Gmail at once, follow these instructions to learn how to mass-delete your emails on Gmail at once!

Navigate to the All Mail Folder

The good news is that deleting all the messages in your inbox and other mail folders, is just a few steps away. The following will show you how to mass-delete all of the messages in your Gmail account. If you are looking for specific information, it may be easier to do a mass delete and start fresh.

1) Click the gear icon and select Settings from the drop-down menu

2) On the Settings page, scroll down to the Labels section, where you can see when each label was last changed. Underneath, there is an Automatically archive drop-down menu with options like Never or After 1 day. Select this option accordingly – it will be important later on!

Click the Subfolder Dropdown and Select Trash

Every few weeks or so, you might find yourself having to cull through your inbox to delete those old emails that seem like they might just be clogging up space. Or worse, those annoying group mailings from websites or newsletters where the link is not even working anymore.

But wait, there’s an easier way! Read this blog post and find out how to mass-delete all of your emails in one go without having to waste hours. All you need is a single click!

First, hover over your inbox and click More. From there, you’ll see a subfolder dropdown menu where you can click Trash. If you don’t see Trash listed here, scroll down and select All Mail. The latest version of Gmail automatically filters messages marked as Trash into a separate section that only shows messages with files attached or flagged email threads.

Click Checkboxes of Folders You Want to Delete

You can also delete all of your emails in a single swoop. In the search bar type in: inbox and then click the More Actions dropdown menu and select Delete. You can also press CTRL+SHIFT+D on Windows or Command+Shift+D on a Mac. Or, if you are an enterprise customer, you can use DELETE ALL IN MY MAILBOX TO SAVE SPACE. To permanently delete email messages from Trash, click Empty Trash.

#How to mass-delete

Before you delete emails, keep in mind that messages in Deleted Items will not be affected by deleting email messages using the steps above until they are moved into another folder or Deleted All Mail and following the instructions above.

It’s important to note that there is no way of getting these messages back after you delete them. Instead, you should use one of these two methods for deleting email messages before committing. You can also tap More actions in the top right corner, then tap Select all and select Delete forever to remove them all. Additionally, archive or label items instead of deleting them so they stay accessible but not cluttering up your inbox.If you still have questions check out the Support/Help tab in the Gmail app. #Mass delete email on Google Mail

Click Select All

How to mass-delete all your emails on Gmail at once:

Select all the messages in the inbox you want to be deleted. Click the Delete button or Archive, it’s up to you. You can also click on that label button you have on the left of every email, such as primary or finance. Finally, go over and click Delete All (or Archive All, if applicable).

Once you’ve selected everything, it will bring up a box that says Are you sure you want to delete these messages?. Click Delete. Boom! They’re all gone. Good job.

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