How to Download Any Reddit Video on Your Computer, Phone, or Tablet

How to Download Any Reddit Video on Your Computer, Phone, or Tablet

Have you ever seen a funny video on Reddit that’s too big to watch on your phone? Or maybe you have an awesome GIF to share with your friends, but you don’t want to be the only one who can see it on your tiny computer screen. You might think that because Reddit doesn’t host any of its videos or images, you’re stuck watching it on someone else’s site and can’t download it to your own device, but there are actually several ways you can do that — and we’ll explain them all in this guide.

Step 1 – Go To Subreddit (r/videos)

One way to download any Reddit video from the internet is by simply going to the appropriate subreddit. For example, if you wanted a video from r/videos then go there and find the video that you want. Once you find the video of your choice click on it and hit play . To save this video all you have to do is either hit F12 which will automatically open your browser’s download bar or manually press Control-S (Command-S for Mac).

Another way is by going directly to a video that you want from a user’s YouTube channel. Simply click on Videos in their sidebar and find the video that you want. Once you find it right click on it and hit Open Link In New Tab. After that go to your downloads bar and hit Control-S (Command-S for Mac). You should now have downloaded any Reddit video of your choice!

Step 2 – Find The Best Format: Whether it be computer, phone, or tablet there are many different formats in which videos can be downloaded. Below are just some of them.

Step 2 – Scroll Down and Click Show all comments

If you’re looking for a specific comment in the thread, this is the easiest way to find it. Just use your keyboard’s arrow keys (or click and drag your mouse) to scroll down the page until you find what you’re looking for. Alternatively, if you want an entire conversation between two people in one long document instead of scrolling through a string of comments in a long thread, click Show all comments at the top of the post. This will create a single webpage that can be read chronologically from start to finish. Then all you have to do is copy and paste it into another program and save it as one file.

Step 3 – See Comments Section Under Each Post

*Under mobile downloads – Click Download next to the video title. If you don’t see the download button, tap the post and the download button will appear. You can also click the previous comments tab if you’re reading an old post before seeing this one.

*Under desktop downloads – Hover over a video’s title (or refresh your screen) and click on the download link in its sidebar to start your download.

*Another way is using Internet Explorer. While IE isn’t my favorite browser – it can be if you know how to use it properly. It’s simple enough as long as you have Flash player enabled and you’re visiting a page that actually supports HTML5 videos. Go ahead and play one of your favorite videos (that doesn’t need flash) then click Add video in your address bar. This will give you a prompt for a save file dialog box… once here browse for your default downloads folder and open that download up in VLC media player.

Step 4 – Read the Comment Section for URL of the Video You Want

Now that you have a URL for the video you want, you need a way to download it. One way is with an extension for your browser called DownloadHelper. If you’re using Google Chrome as your browser, here’s how to install it: Click the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner of your browser window and select Tools > Extensions > Get more extensions from Google Chrome Web Store. In the search box that pops up enter Downloadhelper and hit enter.

Step 5 – Copy & Paste That URL Into VLC Media Player

To copy and paste the URL into VLC Media Player:

  1. a) First open up VLC Media Player.
  2. b) Click Tools. c) Click Preferences. d) Go to the Filters tab. e) In the box labelled MIME types, paste in a list of video file types – see below for an example. f) Click OK and then close the window that just opened. g) Type the URL into VLC Media Player and press Enter when you’re done.

Step 6 – Watch and Enjoy!

  1. Wait for the video file to download and open in your preferred media player (such as VLC Media Player). This will take about 10-20 minutes. As the video downloads, do not disconnect from the internet! Once it’s downloaded and opened, you’re done. Congrats!

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