Google giving you another reason to ditch Microsoft 365

Google giving you another reason to ditch Microsoft 365

Google has been providing Google Docs to anyone who needed a simple way to edit documents and save them. It’s easy to use and doesn’t come with the proprietary software that Microsoft products require. Now, Google Workspaces has started rolling out across the U.S., giving you another reason to ditch Microsoft 365, even if it’s only temporary. For starters, Workspaces allows you to create and publish online documents for free as an alternative to using Microsoft 365’s Office suite—which costs $75 per user per year.

The Competition

In a recent update to Google Apps for Work, Google has introduced the new Workspace app. While it seems like just a new way of accessing files and managing them, there is more than meets the eye. With this latest addition, Google is making it very clear that they are not messing around when it comes to taking on Microsoft in the cloud market.

The workspace also has some features that make it more appealing than its competitors as well as an improved interface and better integration with other Google services. For example, you can now view your Google Drive files right inside of Workspace and edit them right there rather than switching back and forth between tabs or apps on your computer or mobile device.

Google Drive’s New Features

First, there’s a new sidebar that gives you quick access to your files, apps, and settings. Next, the search bar has been relocated from the top of the screen to the left side of the toolbar. Finally, Google Drive now offers two apps: Drive for working with documents and Drawings for sketching out ideas and collaborating on projects.

This update shows how much Google has changed over the years by focusing on usability and collaboration as opposed to just being an online storage site. With this update, Google is continuing its trend of making life easier for people who are stuck in Apple’s ecosystem (or any other company) by not offering something comparable.

What’s new with Workspace?

  • Google is rolling out a new Workspace update that gives users more options for storing files and accessing them from various devices. The Google Team Drive allows for better file management with the ability to share and sync content across different devices.
  • The G Suite business apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts Meet and others can now be accessed offline. This means that people using these apps on the go or when an internet connection is unavailable will still have access to their work without any problems.
  • A new feature called Files On Tap lets you view files stored in the cloud while browsing through a user’s local folders on their device which can save time if there are too many files saved in one location.

Additional Benefits

With the Google Workspace update, this means that your Gmail and Google Calendar are always synced up with your desktop or laptop. It also means the new interface is faster and more efficient, saving you time on everyday tasks like sending an email or scheduling a meeting. Plus, there’s a virtual keyboard for typing in other languages without having to install separate software.

Finally, it eliminates the need for a constant internet connection since everything is stored offline in your computer. Although Google Workspace offers a lot of benefits, it still doesn’t have all of the same features as Microsoft 365. You won’t be able to use applications like Outlook and Skype for Business with Google Workspace. It also lacks many of the advanced security features that come with Office365, such as data loss protection, email encryption, and malware scanning.

And you can only run 10 instances of your virtual machine at once rather than 50 like with most Office365 plans. Still, while there are some limitations compared to Office365, if you’re already familiar with Gmail and don’t need things like a dedicated Exchange server or unlimited storage space, then Google Workspace could be worth considering for your business needs.


How Will it Affect Market Share?

This announcement will have a huge impact on the current market share for office suites, as Google Apps has been slowly but steadily making inroads into the market. Until now, Google Apps has been more of a niche player in an already crowded marketplace. The company has never been able to offer anything that compares with the features of Office 365, but they are catching up fast with this new update.

In recent months, they have unveiled several new features and services that make their platform more competitive than ever before. This announcement is yet another step forward for the company and could be enough to persuade some businesses from switching from Office 365 to Google Workspace.

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