Google Maps Tips and Tricks: How to Drop a Pin

You might think that Google Maps can’t get any better than it already is, but you’d be wrong. If you want to save yourself some time, avoid getting lost in your own neighborhood, or just impress your friends, here are some tips and tricks that will let you drop pins (or place markers) on Google Maps right from your desktop computer or your mobile device! This feature used to be very limited, so many people didn’t eGoogle Maps Tips and Tricks: How to Drop a Pinven know it existed, but with today’s update, it’s easier than ever to drop pins on the map!

Open Google Maps

First, log in with your Google account. If you don’t have one, follow the steps outlined here. Once logged in, find your location on the map (or type it in) by clicking Get Directions and entering an address or by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and typing in what you’re looking for. Finally, click More, then Drop pin.

In the upper right corner, click Drop A Pin

  • Open Google Maps on your desktop or while using the mobile app.
  • Click the blue Drop A Pin icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • On your mobile app, tap See All next to Share. In desktop, click See More next to Share. Then tap Droppin pin. The drop pin menu appears onscreen. On your mobile app, tap See All next to Share. In desktop, click See More next to Share. Then tap Droppin pin.

To the right of Add info in the bottom right, click More details.

Find your desired destination in Google Lines, enter the information of where you are, what type of business it is and which category it belongs. Next, add the details about your business such as category, telephone number and opening hours. Finally, tap Save on the top left hand corner of the screen to save your changes. Your location now appears on Google Maps!

Under the map, you can add a photo of where you are located.

Navigate to Google Zoom in the upper right-hand corner. This should prompt a box that says Add Photo. You can zoom in or out on the map by clicking or double-clicking with your mouse or phone. This is helpful if you are trying to find an area of interest. Next, click on the blue pin that is labeled drop a pin. You will be prompted with two options for drawing your pins: drawing one single pin, or drawing multiple pins at once. Clicking on multiple pins will allow you choose if you want them to be spaced evenly across the map. Finally, select how long of a time period should be shown in your markers by clicking and dragging around on the appropriate circle until it is large enough to fit your needs.

Click Save at the top when you are done.

When you see the type in window on the mobile app, click Location. Enter your starting address (this can be one or two streets) and click the map button.

The app will show where you are on the map by adding an orange line. Move your phone around so it’s showing what direction you are facing, then hold down until Google Maps indicates it has figured out where you are. Don’t worry about being close—if there is only one store in front of you, as long as Google Maps has pinpointed your location within 5 feet of that store, it knows exactly where you are!

Drag your new pin to move it around until it is where you want it.

#1- Choose an Area on the Map. When you start dropping pins, Google defaults to picking up one of three specific areas (starting in New York City). If you have another place in mind, click on that area and drag your mouse around. #2- Name Your Place. When the pin is where you want it, enter the place name and hit Enter on your keyboard. You can also add other information about your business at this point too like its hours or phone number.

#3- Find More Places You Might Want To Put Pins Nearby.

Click Done moving this map marker.

Section 8 ) Click Share in the bottom left corner and choose to Send another copy link. Copy that link.

Section 9 ) Paste the link into an email, text message, or social media post.

Section 10 ) Share that link with anyone who can benefit from knowing exactly where you are when traveling

There are many different ways you can use Google Maps for your own personal reasons. One way is if you’re traveling, use Google Maps as an in case of the emergency app. You can drop pins in specific locations so that you will be able to provide responders with your specific location should the need arise. As a first responder myself, I think this is such an important thing that people should know how they can do this. (Step 1) Simply open up the Google Maps app on your phone or computer, type in where you want the pin to go then click drop pin. (Step 2) Write in what information you want with it like your name, phone number, etc., then click create pin.

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