Getting Started with Multiplayer Minecraft

Getting Started with Multiplayer Minecraft

Multiplayer Minecraft allows you to play Minecraft with other players online! There are two ways to do this – either using an existing public server or creating your own private server on your computer (this guide will focus on the latter). Follow along to learn how to set up multiplayer Minecraft and join the fun!

What is a Multiplayer?

Minecraft is a game where your goal is to explore, build and survive with other players in a world made up of three-dimensional blocks. Multiplayer is the act of playing Minecraft together with someone else. To play multiplayer Minecraft you either need to connect to someone’s game or set up your own server. Setting up your own server can be tricky, but there are some steps below that can help simplify the process if you’re new to Minecraft and don’t know what you’re doing yet.

1) Download & Install Java

2) Download/Install Minecraft Server JAR File

3) Choose which mode the server will be running in (eg.

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Finding a server

There are several ways to start playing with other people in Minecraft, but before we get into them, there are a few things you need to know about multiplayer. First of all, most servers you’ll come across will require players to sign up using an account. This account can be either personal or a paid one. Personal accounts allow players to enter the server and do whatever they want without any moderation while paid accounts give you extra benefits like access to kits and server perks. Next up is connecting your Minecraft client with the Minecraft server that’s hosting your game mode. Your options for this are direct connection (directly enter the IP address of the server) or hamachi (connecting through a public network).

Starting your own

To start a multiplayer game, you will need at least two people and more are even better. To start the game, everyone needs to have their Minecraft client open and all of the players need to be in the same world. Open up your Minecraft game and head over to Multiplayer. Once you are there, type in a public server name in the search bar or choose one of your own that you have hosted before with at least one other person on it who is also interested in playing together! If you find one that interests you, click on it and see if anyone is playing right now. If there is already someone playing on it then feel free to join them.

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This section will teach you the basics of multiplayer Minecraft so that you can get started with Multiplayer Minecraft.

This guide will cover playing on public servers and creating your own, but if you’re looking for help in other areas of Minecraft such as Redstone, check out our other handy guides. Before playing multiplayer you should have a firm grasp of gameplay basics. If you don’t know how to kill a zombie, or what an enchantment table does, now would be a good time to learn these things by reading our other Minecraft tutorials. Learning and understanding multiplayer is like learning any new game – it’s best to start simple before moving on to more advanced concepts and principles. In order to play multiplayer on public servers, you must first log into your Mojang account then open up your Minecraft launcher and select Multiplayer from within options.


Many players might not know that multiplayer is available in Minecraft, so here’s a quick step-by-step guide to getting you started. First, join a public server. Next, log on by entering the server address and clicking Play. After that, open your Single Player world by selecting it from the list of Worlds and click Play again. Finally, type localhost: followed by a space (localhost:) and then copy and paste the public IP address into this field. You can then select Allow Multiplayer to confirm that you want to allow other people to access your world.

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Submitting ideas on Mineways

You can play Minecraft multiplayer online with people from all over the world. The game may be old and has been around for a few years, but it still has many players who love playing this game. The best way to play multiplayer is by connecting to one of the thousands of public servers that allow you to easily join in on their world as either a visitor or a player, or you can start your own server and invite friends over. One of the most popular servers is Mineplex which offers not only single-player worlds but ones where players can also meet up with other players to play with or against them in team-based survival games. Public servers are fun because they provide new gameplay experiences by generating an entirely new set of rulesets, which force you to adapt your strategies accordingly.

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