How to Perform a Free Reverse Phone Lookup Without Giving Up Your Personal Information

How to Perform a Free Reverse Phone Lookup Without Giving Up Your Personal Information

A reverse phone lookup not only helps you locate someone and see what they look like, but it can also help protect you from identity theft. However, many sites that offer free reverse phone lookups require you to give up personal information before you can search their database, which could then be used by criminals to steal your identity or break into your bank account. Here’s how to perform a free reverse phone lookup without giving up any of your personal information.


When you want to find out about someone but don’t have their contact information, a reverse phone lookup can help. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites that will allow you to perform one for free. As long as the individual has an unlisted or unpublished number, you can complete one of these lookups with little risk involved. The following walkthrough will detail how you can use one of these services

What Is A Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is essentially doing the opposite of what Google or Bing does. The search engine looks up information on the internet and provides you with what they find; while with a reverse phone lookup, you put in someone’s telephone number, such as 000-000-0000 and it will give you any public info that exists about the person who owns that phone number.

One of your best options for doing a reverse phone lookup for free is an online tool called White Pages, which claims that it can find information on millions of people. One nice thing about White Pages is that it will let you do as many searches as you want, so if there are multiple 000-000-0000 numbers in your city, you can run searches on each one without being charged. Of course, White Pages uses its own advertising format and they will show you paid ads alongside their results; however, there are no spammy links or popups.

Why Use A Free Reverse Number Search Service

Are you wondering who has been calling you but refuse to give up your personal information by calling the number back? With reverse phone lookups, you can find out who is calling and if they have been reported as a scammer or harassment. You will find out their name, address, background history and if they have any criminal records. All without the danger of giving up your own personal information!

One of your best options is to run a reverse phone lookup. A reverse phone lookup is an online tool that will reveal details about who owns a number and even if it has been reported as spam or harassment. This type of search is free and simple, but you may find that it does not provide you with everything you want in one place. Fortunately, there are some great reverse number search services that provide additional information for free such as true caller lists so you can find out who’s calling when they hide their own identity through spoofing.

Step-By-Step On How To Perform A Free Cellphone Number Search Online

  • Go to the cell phone carrier’s website and enter your information.
  • Find the option that allows you to view your recent calls made and received on your account.
  • Click View Details next to a recent call and an approximate list of related data will pop up, including the phone number that made or received the call, how long it lasted and when it was made/received, along with other bits of information about the call in question.


If you want to find out who someone is by their phone number, all you need is the following steps:

Open up the white pages of your local phone book and use the search function on your browser. Type in just the ten digits that comprise a phone number – nothing else. Click on your browser’s search engine icon and scroll down until you see Search in website (in blue). There will be an option for Google Search. Enter this into the box and then click on Google’s blue arrow. The results will show up on screen. From there, scroll through these results until you find what you’re looking for!

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