Free Guy: How to Watch the New Ryan Reynolds Movie

Free Guy: How to Watch the New Ryan Reynolds Movie

Free Guy, the new movie starring Ryan Reynolds, was released exclusively on Disney Plus and HBO Max on July 1st. If you’re not subscribed to either service, don’t worry — you can still watch it without paying extra! This article explains how to stream Free Guy online if you’re not a subscriber.

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber…

Amazon Prime has the added benefit of letting you watch TV shows like The Man in the High Castle and original series like Jack Ryan. There are also plenty of movies available. HBO Max subscribers, meanwhile, can access all the content offered by the network, including some Oscar winners, such as A Beautiful Mind, Schindler’s List, and E.T. and can add Showtime for an additional fee.

The price is a little higher for Amazon Prime, but it can be worth it for its additional perks, including no ads and access to exclusive items like ebooks. HBO Max costs $14.99 per month and gets you access to new movies every week. If you subscribe with an add-on of Showtime, you’ll pay an extra $9.99 per month.

New Movies on Netflix – Second Paragraph: When it comes to original content and watching shows after they air, there’s not much that Netflix can compete with Prime or HBO Max — but what they lack in premium programming they make up for with their selection of movies.

If you’re a Hulu subscriber…

If you’re a Hulu subscriber, you can watch Free Guy without a cable package. Disney Plus will soon be available on Hulu, which means if you sign up for this service when it is released, and subscribe to Hulu Live TV while it is airing the movie, then there’s no additional cost to watch Freeguy! HBO Max will also soon be available on Hulu, so even if you’re not yet a subscriber at the time of the release of FreeGuy with Ryan Reynolds we will have it by the end of 2020!

If you’re not a Hulu Subscriber yet, we’ve got good news for you too!

While you’re looking into all of that, subscribe here! Hulu Live TV is a great alternative and it’s far cheaper than cable. If you plan on watching HBO Max then subscribe and prepay for 6 months of service at once, you’ll get $5 off your monthly cost. A single subscription costs as little as $5 per month with no long-term contract or commitment, making it much more affordable for all of us to watch Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds! Freeguy will also be available soon on HBO Max when it launches in 2020 and we will add it to our list. Get an email reminder when we post an update on what service you can watch FreeGuy starring Ryan Reynolds without paying extra!

If you have Playstation Vue…

You can also watch Free Guy on PlayStation Vue. With your subscription, you’ll get access to the latest release with tons of benefits like knowing the next episode is guaranteed before your favorite show airs. When you subscribe for $45 per month, you’ll get 90 days of HBO Max for free with your subscription. Watch any episode from HBO’s long list of library shows anytime and make sure you never miss an episode of Game of Thrones or Veep. You can also catch tons of new movies when they premiere on Disney+.

If you have DirecTV Now or FuboTV…

If you have DirecTV Now or FuboTV and plan on streaming Free Guy from Disney Plus, you’ll be able to watch the film live without needing a subscription. If you want to see it later, HBO Max subscribers can watch the film from their device without an additional subscription cost.

DirecTV Now offers a package that gives you over 50 channels for $50 per month. If you’re looking for more sports content and want to stream Free Guy from HBO Max, FuboTV has it all at $45 per month. For both services, any free trial is likely subject to auto-renewal once your seven days of free TV have ended.

The updated Amazon Prime… – Third Paragraph: The updated Amazon Prime comes with lots of perks, including access to Prime Video streaming with unlimited TV shows and movies, ad-free music through Amazon Music Unlimited and three months of Audible membership (valued at $140). Members can also earn 5% cash back on eligible purchases at Whole Foods Markets with an eligible Prime Visa card.

You Can Download It, But Shouldn’t

The old watch it for free and face no consequences days are over!

There’s a new Ryan Reynolds movie coming out soon, and in this day and age, it would be dumb not to take advantage of what we have available.

As we know by now, Disney Plus and HBO Max will be launching their respective streaming services later this year, both of which come with some really good deals. Watch Free Guy on HBO Max (coming Nov 12th) without paying extra just because you’re an HBO Max subscriber! Watch Free Guy on Disney Plus (comes out November 30th) without paying extra just because you’re a Disney Plus subscriber! Listen to me rant about the other movies I can’t watch for free for an hour or so!

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