Forgot Your Instagram Password? Here’s How to Reset It

Forgot Your Instagram Password? Here's How to Reset It

If you’ve forgotten your Instagram password, never fear! There are two ways to reset it so you can access your account again. If you’re logged into Instagram on your mobile device, you can tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen, choose ‘Settings’, then ‘Password’. Enter your email address and click ‘Reset Password. You’ll receive an email with further instructions on how to reset your password. Don’t have access to the email account associated with your Instagram account? There’s still another way to reset it—and you don’t even need to go through Instagram at all!

How to Change Your Instagram Password

To reset your Instagram password, log in to the app and tap on ‘Settings.’ Select ‘Reset Password’ and provide a username, phone number and email address. Tap on Send Verification Code and the account should be fixed!

How to Reset Your Instagram Password

  1. When you visit Instagram, you should see a forgotten password button in the lower right corner of the login screen.
  2. Clicking that button will prompt you for your username or email address and then give you the option to have Instagram reset your password for you.
  3. Fill out your username and email address (you might also want to verify your email) and click submit, which will send an email with a link in it so that Instagram can reset your password on their end, without having access to any other information from either of those two sites!
  4. If you’re worried about Instagram not getting back to you quickly enough, you can click on click here where it says Please wait 24 hours for us to contact you. Doing so will speed up your recovery process, but keep in mind that if someone else already knows your username or email address and has started a password reset request, that may override yours. After doing so, just sit tight for 24 hours and follow any further instructions given by Instagram as necessary!

Why Is This Important?

This guide will show you how to reset your Instagram password if you’ve forgotten it. First, log in to the Instagram app on a device with a web browser, which may be your smartphone. Open the Settings tab and then look for ‘Reset Password.’ Once on this page, click the button that says ‘What was your old password?’ This will let you input what your old password was and then select a new one. Once you’re finished, enter that new password into the same window and confirm it by clicking Submit. After submitting the form, Instagram will send an email confirmation of these changes to your email address.

What If I Don’t Know My Current Password?

If you don’t know your current password, the best thing to do is delete and reinstall the app. Deleting and reinstalling apps on an iPhone or iPad will remove any saved passwords (which may have been used for Instagram). You can also reset your Instagram password by signing in with your username or email address. If you’re still having trouble, then contact us for assistance.

To reset your password, sign in using your username or email address. If you signed up with a phone number but have since changed it, sign in with that email address and an invitation code. If you still can’t log in after a week, contact us for assistance and we’ll be able to reset your password. Unfortunately, if you’ve forgotten any other account details (such as security questions), there’s not much that can be done outside of resetting your account entirely. Although it might seem like a drastic move, deleting and reinstalling apps is often enough to refresh your login information. You can also simply delete all other accounts associated with your phone number by signing into them and unchecking save my details from within their settings menu.

The Bottom Line

Instagram does not provide password recovery options for security reasons. If you have forgotten your Instagram password, follow these steps to reset it:

1) Check your email inbox for an email from Instagram that says Activate Your Account. If you don’t see this message, try contacting Instagram directly. You may need a different email address than the one associated with your account.

2) Click on the activation link in the email to reactivate your account. This will give you a new temporary password (called a one-time passcode).

3) Follow the prompts in the email and enter your one-time passcode when prompted to set up a new password.

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