Ex-Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt sounds off on ‘brazen taking of our shared national heritage’ by RNC

Ex-Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt sounds off on 'brazen taking of our shared national heritage' by RNC

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ronna McDaniel has publicly been in support of President Donald Trump since she was the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, but Chris Stirewalt says she took it to the next level during last week’s ‘Salute to America’ event at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., which he calls a brazen taking of our shared national heritage.

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People are taking to social media with their thoughts on the ‘brazen taking of our shared national heritage’ by RNC. Many argue that the display was a simple act of branding while others insist that it is an invasion of America’s public spaces, who agreed on a consensus long ago to not be political and partisan.

Ohio town votes down proposal to name a street after Trump

A small Ohio town attempted to name a street after the current president, Donald Trump. This was met with a resounding nay on Tuesday when the board voted in favor of not changing the name of Bailey Avenue to ‘Trump Street.’ The proposal came from five Democrats out of eight trustees. ‘It’s not about politics,’ Doug Morrow said at the meeting. ‘The concern is just with his behavior and character.’ The idea received no support from any Republicans, who are outnumbered at a 2-to-1 ratio in Hilliard. Clearly, this was not just a vote against President Trump–and furthermore, it wasn’t even just about having him as president–it was also about what type of example he’s setting for today’s kids.

In Florida, there is even a goat named after Trump. And it’s adorable

Chris said that the incident is a brazen taking of our shared national heritage a post on Facebook. America didn’t stop being America just because he was inaugurated, he wrote. He added that seeing the lights spelled out TRUMP from the Washington Monument was a great thrill but seeing it from ‘about an hour away’ made him sick to his stomach.

And now we come to the most adorable portion of this whole story: After 24 years of serving its people, Hurricane Charley’s Trump Cafe has been shut down. But not before Irma left behind a beautiful gift: one baby goat named Trump, who bears an uncanny resemblance to his namesake.

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Chris Stirewalt, an ex-Fox News editor, sounded off on a brazen taking of our shared national heritage by the RNC when the Donald Trump name was spelled out in fireworks.

Donald Trump takes his rightful place among the pantheon of underappreciated, hardworking Americans whose life stories have been passed over in favor of more celebrated figures.

Given the Trump name is synonymous with all that’s good and noble about America, it’s ironic that Donald Trump has been so underappreciated for so long. In his upcoming book, Stand Up for America: The Fight for Our Better Angels, Chris Stirewalt takes a close look at Donald Trump’s decades of dedication to our shared national heritage by recounting in detail a life of hard work and service to others. From a New York real estate mogul to one of the most successful American presidents in history, it would be impossible to find someone who has done more than Trump.

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Author, commentator, and former Fox News journalist Chris Stirewalt is not pleased with the RNC’s fireworks display on Sunday (September 2) in Washington, D.C. that spelled ‘Trump’ near the Washington Monument in front of a crowd of Trump supporters and opponents alike. The brazen taking of our shared national heritage by the GOP won’t help Republicans when they face voters in 2020 according to Stirewalt, who argues that President Trump’s antics are turning off America’s educated white voters and pushing them into Democratic camps. 2020 will be about educated whites, he wrote on Twitter. It’s going to be close. That takes Florida and Virginia out for them.

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As Americans, we all share a common national heritage and that is what the celebration of July 4th is all about, he told Fox News’s Neil Cavuto on Friday. It’s not just a matter of partisan politics.

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