The Magical Madrigal Branches of Disney’s Encanto Family Tree

The Magical Madrigal Branches of Disney's Encanto Family Tree

Branches of Disney’s Encanto Family Tree, Bruno isn’t mentioned, although he is nonetheless included in this breakdown of the Madrigal family.

On the Encanto Family Tree, who is listed?

Disney’s encanto family tree, with lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and animation by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, has grown to be one of the studio’s most adored animated films. It tells the touching tale of a girl who doesn’t feel exceptional in her wonderful family.

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The narrative of Mirabel Madrigal and her extended family, who live together in a tiny Colombian community, is told in the film, which had its theatrical debut in November 2021. The creative team of Encanto spoke with io9 and discussed how each of the Madrigals’ talents represents significant facets of their personalities.

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The only member of the family without a magical talent is Mirabel, and in order to rescue the family and their house, Mirabel must face her destiny and her family’s expectations. Although Mirabel is the main character in Encanto, her family also has a significant impact in contextualising her journey and bringing the film’s ideas to life.

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