DCCCD Blackboard Login and Registration Steps for 2022

DCCCD Blackboard Login and Registration Steps for 2022

What do you know about DCCCD Blackboard Login and Registration? The Dallas County Community College District provides an online portal to register and log into Blackboard courses on campus, as well as access Blackboard email accounts and online library resources. Students will follow these steps to log in to their campus portal in 2022.

The student will first log into the eCampus portal with their DCCCD credentials and click on the Blackboard tab at the top of the page.

The Basics of Blackboard  DCCCD

Starting in the Fall of 2022, DCCCD will transition to a new student login process. This change will make registering for classes easier and more convenient as you’ll be able to access your account on any device.

  • The first time you log in, you will enter your personal identification number (PIN)
  • You can also reset your PIN with the help of a staff member or by visiting our website
  • Your PIN is case sensitive
  • Logging in the first time won’t require you to enter any information, but if you forget it, we’ll be able to retrieve it from your ID card or driver’s license if you provide us with those details. If not, we may ask other questions like what year were you born?

A Closer Look at Course Management

A typical course management system is an application that facilitates the entire course process, such as registration, assessments, grading, attendance, and feedback. Course management systems store all of the information about the course in one database so that it can be accessed from any device with internet access.

Students can log into their courses through (Blackboard) a variety of devices to complete assignments, submit work to be graded, and communicate with instructors. A typical course management system will also have tools for collaboration between students.

Most systems will allow instructors to create courses, add content, change grades, and communicate with students in a variety of ways. In addition to course management systems, there are also learning management systems (LMS) that only handle student information such as attendance, schedule updates, and transcripts.

A blended learning system combines both course management functions along with LMS functions into one application. There are also specific social learning platforms that focus on collaboration between students and don’t include an administrative component to them at all.

A Closer Look at Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools are a vital component of this process. Employees in the future will need to be able to work with others around the world, not just those in their offices. One tool that is increasingly popular is Slack. This chat program allows groups to create private or public channels so they can talk about different topics in real time.

There are many more tools available that you may want to research and evaluate before choosing one for your company, such as Google Hangouts, which allows users to share screens as well as audio via a video call, or Yammer, which is a social network built specifically for businesses.

A Closer Look at Blackboard Resources

  1. Under the Resources tab, click on Find a Course.
  2. Use the search bar to find the course you want.
  3. When you find your desired course, click on it and then scroll down to Course Description, where you will find a link to register for the course.
  4. Click on the link to register for the course, where you will be directed to a new page with three tabs: Registrations, Financial Aid, and Information Requests
  5. On the Registrations tab, fill in all of the information that is asked for (student ID number, first name, last name, email address).
  6. On the Financial Aid tab choose whether or not you need financial aid by clicking Yes or No
  7. On the Information Request tab provide any requests such as courses that may not have been added yet
  8. Once finished filling out all necessary information from each tab (which should take no more than five minutes), press Submit Request
  9. Success! You’ve now completed registration!

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