The Four Best Ways to Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to download some of your favorite YouTube videos so you can watch them offline whenever you please. However, there are multiple ways to accomplish this task, and we’ll help you find the one that will best suit your needs based on your computer’s operating system and any other preferences you may have. Here are four of the best ways to download YouTube videos to your computer.

Google Chrome Extension

When it comes to saving your favorite YouTube videos, you have plenty of options. One method is using a Chrome extension called YouTube Video Downloader. There are many free video downloader extensions out there, but this one is the best because it allows you to download in three different formats – MP4, MP3 and WebM- while preserving the video quality.

Just install the extension by visiting the Chrome Web Store, then visit any video page on YouTube and click on the extension button that appears next to your address bar. Once clicked, select an option and click again on Download in order for a pop-up window that contains the video file in an area below its thumbnail image that will automatically appear. And voila!

YouTube-dl Command Line Tool

To get the command line tool, head over to this link. To install the program, simply download and run the appropriate executable file for your operating system. This can be done by right-clicking on it and clicking Run as Administrator or running it directly from where you downloaded it. Then open up a command prompt (in Windows by going to Start->Run->type cmd and then pressing enter). In that window type youtube-dl. You will now see a list of different commands you can use with the youtube-dl program, with one being -f bestvideo+bestaudio which will download the highest quality video and audio available on the page.

Another program you can use is a Google Chrome Extension called YouDownload. All you have to do is install it by going to its page on Google Chrome’s web store and then running it. It will show up as a small icon in your browser bar, which you can click on when you’re visiting a YouTube video’s page. It will automatically download any of those videos that are available in mp4 format and then upload them directly into your computer’s Downloads folder. Once they have been downloaded onto your computer, you can simply drag them over into iTunes or Windows Media Player, depending on what device you want to sync them with.

Free Online Video Downloader Sites

YouTube-MP3: Is a free online service which can extract the audio track from any video and convert it into an MP2 file, which is easily uploaded to your computer. 2. Linkamanager: It can record any web page, youtube video or playlist and save it in FLV, GIF, AVI or WMV format on your computer 3. ClipConverter: Allows you convert videos for your computer and has the option of downloading them onto your hard drive or send them directly to the folder of your choice 4. OnlineVideoConverter: Free online service that allows you convert video files with ease using their convenient conversion interface

If you want a more simple, straightforward method of downloading online videos, try saving them in a folder of your choice on your hard drive. There are several ways you can do so. For example, let’s say you want to download a video from Youtube: 1. Go to youtube and find what video you want 2. Right click on it and go down as far as copy address 3. Now just right click again and hit paste 4. It will now save it into a specific folder on your computer 5.

Paid Apps and Software

Video Downloader is a free service that provides a straightforward and hassle-free way to save videos from the most popular video sharing site. Video Downloader can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, but it does require Adobe Air to function.

Video Converter helps you download videos from many sites like YouTube or Facebook with one click of a button. You can convert these video formats from online video files like .flv into .mp4 for use in iTunes, or directly save them onto your PC hard drive. There are no limits on how much data you can download as long as you register for an account. Plus, there’s no risk for viruses since all conversions happen locally on your computer and don’t connect back to any remote servers.

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