Best Classic Car Transport Companies

Best Classic Car Transport Companies

Key Takeaways:

  • With an overall rating of 9.7 out of 10, we discovered that Montway is the greatest historic automobile shipping provider overall.
  • Shipping a vintage automobile often costs $1,146, while shipping an enclosed car typically costs $1,639.
  • Obtaining quotations from many reliable sources will help you get the greatest deal on the transportation of your vintage automobile.

It can be dangerous to drive a valuable car hundreds or thousands of miles on an open caravan and hope for the best. Your historic car is more vulnerable to dents, dings, and scratches from road debris when transported in an open vehicle, leaving it exposed to bad weather conditions (such as hail).

Due to their understanding of your desire for maximum protection for your vehicle during transportation, classic car transport companies offer VIP treatment within an enclosed transport trailer that is weather-sealed.

The top classic car shipping firms have years of expertise transporting vintage and antique cars across the nation. The MarketWatch Guides team has evaluated the top auto transport firms and compared their prices and offerings for shipping vintage cars. View our favourites below.

Classic Car Transport Companies

To compare classic car shipping companies, we considered each company’s shipping methods, logistics and customer experience.

Compare Classic Car Shipping Companies

Our top picks are Montway Auto Transport, Sherpa Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, Easy Auto Ship and uShip. All of these companies offer enclosed auto shipping services and have years of experience moving classic cars.

Classic Car Shipping CompanyOverall RatingShipping Methods RatingLogistics RatingCustomer Experience Rating
1. Montway Auto Transport9.
2. Sherpa Auto Transport8.89.898.8
3. AmeriFreight9.69.8109.2
4. Easy Auto Ship99.89.88.3

1: Montway Auto Transport: Best Customer Experience

A+ accredited Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating

4.6 out of 5 is the BBB consumer score.

Over a million vehicles have been carried by Montway Auto Transport since its beginnings, many of which have been exotic and vintage automobiles.

With the shipping broker’s wide network of trustworthy carriers, it’s simple to locate a vintage automobile carrier that fits your itinerary and route.

In contrast to most other shipping firms, Montway offers extended business hours. During the week, you may contact someone by phone until 10 p.m. (central time); on the weekends, you can reach them until 9 p.m.

This degree of accessibility makes it much simpler for you to get information and monitor the progress of your automobile shipment, which is a major benefit. Because of its value and service combination, we awarded it Best Customer Experience.

2: Sherpa Auto Transport: Locked-in Costs

Accredited with an A+ BBB rating

BBB client rating: 4.91

Because Sherpa Auto Transport offers a locked-in pricing guarantee, which is a feature that is rather unique in the business, we suggest using them.

By the time service is scheduled, quotes for vintage vehicle shipping often vary, but Sherpa guarantees to pay up to $300 if your price does.

The shipping broker has an excellent reputation for customer service as well, as seen by its 4.9-star average rating on the BBB website.

3: AmeriFreight: Best for Cross-Country Shipments

Accredited with an A+ BBB rating

BBB client rating: almost 4.8

Because AmeriFreight offers savings and an optional insurance upgrade, it deserves a position on our list of the top vintage vehicle shipping providers.

Damage that happens while parking, loading, and unloading is one example of the kinds of damage that carrier insurance often excludes from coverage under the AmeriFreight Total Assurance (AFTA) Plan.

Customers must have personal insurance according to AFTA, although up to $2,000 in insurance deductible reimbursement is offered. We selected AmeriFreight the Best for Cross-Country Shipments because of this protection.

AmeriFreight also provides a number of discounts that may assist first responders, elders, and members of the armed forces, among others, save money.

The personnel of AmeriFreight is adept in collaborating with aficionados of vintage automobiles to plan covered transportation for prized possessions, ranging from vintage motorbikes to sports cars.

#4: Easy Auto Ship: Wide Shipping Service Selection

BBB ratingA+ with accreditation

BBB customer score: 4.62

Easy Auto Ship is experienced at moving classic cars across the nation and works with the marketplace ClassicCars to ship vehicles for its customers.

Easy Auto Ship lives up to its name with an instant car shipping calculator so you can see how much enclosed shipping would cost for your route, and it offers a wide selection of services.

Whether you’re moving across the country or selling your classic car to a fellow enthusiast, Easy Auto Ship is a reliable transportation option for antique car transport.

#5: uShip

BBB rating: A+ with accreditation

BBB customer score: nearly 4

Unlike some of the other providers on this list, uShip is a marketplace website where you can post shipping jobs for carriers to bid on. Similar to a car shipping broker, the company connects customers to its large network of trusted and reliable carriers.

uShip customers appreciate the service, as shown by its 4.3-star average rating from over 11,000 reviews on Trustpilot.

To ship your classic car with uShip, simply post a listing to the marketplace including your requirements and timeline. Once your listing is posted, carriers will bid on your job and you can select the one that works best for your specific needs and budget. 

Classic Car Transport Costs

Our team gathered quotes from our top provider, Montway Auto Transport, for shipping an operable 1970 Chevrolet Camaro over multiple distances using both open and enclosed shipping methods. See the tables below for the cost breakdown.  

Open Classic Car Shipping Costs

Below are the average costs for open transport across three distances. Open car shipping might be a good option if you’re not overly worried about value — for example, if you’re shipping a project car or your daily driver that just happens to be vintage.

El Paso, TexasSan Antonio549$869
Reno, Nev.Kansas City, Mo.1,588$1,579
PhiladelphiaSan Francisco2,877$1,479

Enclosed Classic Car Shipping Costs

The cost for enclosed shipping is typically close to 30% higher than open shipping as you can see based on the average rates below.

El Paso, TexasSan Antonio549$1,179
Reno, Nev.Kansas City, Mo.1,588$2,069
PhiladelphiaSan Francisco2,877$2,169

Classic Car Transport Cost per Mile

Our team found that open vehicle transport for a classic car costs about $0.78 per mile and enclosed car transport costs about $1.08 per mile on average.

That said, per-mile rates change depending on the distance of the shipment. You’ll pay less per mile for longer distances but more for the shipment overall.

Open Car Shipping Cost by Mile

Below, you can see how average costs per mile for open car shipping decrease as the distance increases.

MileageAverage Cost per Mile

Enclosed Car Shipping Cost by Mile

Below are average per-mile rates for three distances when using enclosed car transport.

MileageAverage Cost per Mile

What To Look For in Classic Car Transporters

As you shop around, here are a few tips to help you find the best classic car transport company for your needs.

Look for Enclosed Shipping Services

If your classic car holds sentimental or monetary value, you’ll want to protect it with enclosed car shipping. With this service, your car is secured in a sealed, climate-controlled trailer – meaning it’s protected from heat, inclement weather and any road debris.

Balance Price with Service

While you don’t want to overspend on auto shipping, you also don’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest price you can find. A car transport broker might give you a very low quote, but then they have to find a vehicle carrier to do the job.

They may find an inexperienced and unreliable vehicle shipping carrier or none at all within your time frame.

Compare quotes only from trusted and reliable carriers to ensure that you find not only the best rate but also the best service.

Research and Read Reviews

Look up classic car transport companies on the BBB and Trustpilot to get a sense of their track records. And if you use a marketplace like uShip, pay attention to the individual carrier ratings on the platform.

Compare Carrier Insurance Offerings

All major car shipping companies require their carriers to have minimum levels of liability and commercial insurance. This usually includes cargo insurance to cover commercial liability and the value of the cars being transported.

Some companies also offer additional insurance for a small fee. AmeriFreight’s AFTA plan covers personal car insurance deductibles up to $2,000, which can be useful.


Look for Companies with Collector Car Hauling Experience

When shipping high-value and collectible vehicles, it’s important to make sure that the carrier has experience handling them and understands their unique requirements.  

If you work with a broker, you can ask about the carrier’s history. The truck driver will have to load and unload your vehicle, so they should be comfortable operating classic and exotic cars.

Consider Specialized Exotic Car Transport Companies

Depending on your needs, it may be a good idea to find a carrier that specializes in transporting classic or exotic cars. Specialized carriers may cost more than national providers, but they can offer extra peace of mind.

How To Ship a Classic Car

The process for shipping a classic vehicle is fairly straightforward:

  1. Plan the shipment early: You’ll save the most money if you can get quotes at least two weeks before you have to move your vehicle. Companies charge extra for expedited shipping.
  2. Get quotes: It’s always a good idea to compare car shipping quotes online. Try to get quotes from at least two or three carriers and be sure to compare their services and insurance options along with their rates.
  3. Prepare your car: Remove all personal belongings from your vehicle, wash it and make sure it has at least ¼ tank of gas to make it as light as possible so you don’t have to pay for any extra weight.
  4. Document the car’s condition: On the day your car is shipped, you’ll inspect it thoroughly with the driver and sign the bill of lading. Be sure to document the condition of the vehicle and take clear pictures. If your car is damaged en route, you’ll need the documentation and pictures to file a claim. 
  5. Inspect the car at drop-off: When your car is delivered, you’ll once again inspect it with the driver, document any damage and then sign the bill of lading.

Make Sure Your Classic Car Is Protected

All reputable car shippers will carry at least a minimum amount of insurance. But their liability insurance may not cover anything and everything that happens. For instance, damage that occurs while parking, loading or unloading might not be covered under the carrier’s insurance. It’s a good idea to make sure you have classic car insurance before transporting your vehicle. 

Classic Car Transportation: FAQ

How do you transport an old car?

Enclosed auto transport is the safest way to ship a vintage vehicle. With this method, your car is protected inside a sealed trailer. Enclosed transport costs more than open transport. You’ll also pay a bit more if your old car isn’t running because it takes more effort to load.

How should I arrange my car transport?

  1. Plan the shipment at least two weeks in advance.
  2. Compare shipping quotes from multiple companies.
  3. Book the shipment.
  4. Prepare your vehicle for transport.
  5. Meet the carrier to send your car off.
  6. Receive the vehicle at the destination.

How do I transport a luxury car?

To protect your luxury vehicle, we recommend using enclosed auto transport. This car shipping service protects your vehicle on all sides. Instead of being one of 10 cars on an open trailer exposed to road and weather hazards, your car rides securely in a sealed trailer.

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