All You Need to Know About Season 4 of ‘Yellowstone’

The fourth season of Yellowstone has finally debuted on the Peacock Network, and we couldn’t be more excited to discuss it with you! We’re talking about everything from what to expect from this season, who our favorite characters are, and how the series has evolved over time. If you haven’t started watching yet, don’t worry – we have some tips that will help you get caught up quickly! As always, spoilers will follow.

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This season, we’re going big. Huge. This is a new experience for our audience and the cast, with locations spanning Wyoming, Montana, and beyond. And in this season, there are secrets lurking everywhere you turn and two brothers at odds with each other. Caught between the two of them is the Randall family–children Jordan (Tyler Hoechlin) and Taylor (Avery Kidd), father John (Kevin Costner), mother Jillian (Kim Dickens) and nephew Jamie (Luke Grimes). Trapped by family expectations and legal red tape–can these men find a way to live up to their respective legacies? It’ll take every last ounce of strength they have.

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Who Is Returning?

  • *Kevin Costner as John Dutton
  • *Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton
  • *Luna Lauren Velez as Rose Dutton
  • *Breckin Meyer as Jonah Dutton
  • *Cole Hauser as Miles Dutton
  • *Dave Annable as Chad McQueen
  • *Keith Carradine as Joe Sneed and President Henry Garrison

The Story So Far…

First introduced in the second season, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is forced to step up and take control as CEO after his father suffers a fatal heart attack. In season 3, he faces off against Terry Thornton (Kelly Reilly), his archrival with Global Oil. In the meantime, small town Montana rancher Jay Brown (Luke Grimes) is dealing with drug addiction and trying not only to stay sober but save the family ranch from bankruptcy as well. Shocked by how much has changed in just a few short years, John realizes that if he doesn’t change tactics there will be no company left for him to pass on to his children.

Why Should I Watch ‘Yellowstone’?

‘Yellowstone’ is a captivating drama following the life and experiences of one rancher, John Dutton. Dutton is trying to balance running his business with the tumultuous troubles that plague him both in and out of work. The show takes place on his 10,000 acre ranch, Yellowstone National Park. ‘Yellowstone’ has garnered a large following due to its addictive plotline and engrossing storylines.

Where Can I Watch ‘Yellowstone’?

The drama, created by Taylor Sheridan and co-produced by John Linson, will premiere its fourth season on August 16. Netflix has acquired the series for a worldwide release this summer. Seasons 1-3 are available for streaming on Peacock’s streaming service.

Also airing later this year is Paramount Network’s Yellowstone TV series, which is based on the second movie in the franchise. Produced by Academy Award-winner Peter Farrelly and television veteran Greg Yaitanes, it stars Luke Grimes as Deputy Chief Thomas Curry and Wes Bentley as Sheriff Shawn Hatcher

Can I Stream it for Free?

Season four includes many compelling storylines that are sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. While season three was one for drama, the new season is one for action. The diverse array of stories make it a new must-watch season in its own right. For diehard fans, it’s not hard to predict which character will have a big season coming up – Miles Thornton (Adam Bartley). Although he has only been mentioned through whispers in past seasons, this fourth installment will finally bring him into the spotlight.

Are there Any Special Editions?

Newcomers and long-time viewers alike will be pleased with this season, which includes new episodes filled with unexpected twists. It’s not all easy living, but that just makes the ups so much more exciting. And if you’re a diehard fan, there are a few cool special editions available as well. The Yellowstone: The Best Filming Locations book highlights the show’s gorgeous scenery with pictures and backstories about filming on location in Montana and Wyoming. There are also a few new versions of the show’s soundtrack for those who want to enjoy their favorite music from the show on their own time.

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