The Many Ways to Tell if Your AirPods are Fake

The Many Ways to Tell if Your AirPods are Fake

I’ve been using AirPods for almost a year now, and I think they’re amazing. They provide amazing sound quality, fit comfortably in my ears, and I love the convenience of being able to take phone calls with them without needing to hold my phone. However, what I didn’t realize when I bought them was that there are fake AirPods out there. Not only are they bad quality, but they also could potentially be dangerous or not work at all! So how can you tell if your AirPods are fake? Read on to find out!

Buying on Amazon

Don’t forget to order on Amazon too! While you won’t be able to buy the most recent AirPod release, you will have the option of getting a white model, which Apple doesn’t sell in stores anymore. Plus, if you order them right now, they’ll get here before Christmas so you can start shopping early.

What makes these counterfeit headphones illegal is that they lack the proper certifications and comply with Apple’s standards. Counterfeiters usually create fake cables and adapters as well and sell them alongside their fake Beats or Bose products at roadside stands or flea markets. They also bundle their fakes with authentic merchandise so it can be harder for shoppers to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Buying direct from Apple

As of the date of this post, Apple doesn’t sell the AirPods directly online. You can purchase them in person at an Apple store or order them online through a third-party retailer such as Best Buy or Amazon. To verify that your pair is genuine, open up the case and confirm that it includes a pair of instructions on how to put on the earpieces, and a charge cord. If there’s only one earpiece and no cord included, you’re looking at an illegitimate pair of earphones.

Scanning with NFC

Scanning your AirPods with an NFC reader will quickly give you all the information you need, including whether or not they’re real. The problem is that it’s really hard to find a scanner on the fly. That said, I found one in my car! You may want to keep this piece of information in mind for later use.

Another cool feature of your iPhone’s NFC chip is that it can tell you whether or not your AirPods are real. Just make sure that your iPhone is set up as a trusted device and then scan with an NFC reader on your computer, which should provide you with a long string of information about your headphones. It should include information like their serial number, model number, and MAC address. If they’re real, they’ll have a standard Bluetooth HCI (Host Controller Interface) address. As for how easy it is to copy these numbers… it’s not easy at all. There aren’t any known 3D printers capable of creating these headphones yet!

Physical Scans

  1. Look at the model number and color on the box: Make sure that it matches what is shown on your eBay listing or other retailer. And, note any differences in spelling (for example, Airpods or Air pods) as this could be a way for counterfeiters to change the design slightly.
  2. Look at the volume of cables: Authentic ones have four wires – one data cable and three lightning cables. All four should be blue and thick, while fake ones might have more thin wire wrapped around them with different colors.

Listening Test

Apple recommends using the included charging case to get an extra 24 hours of battery life. You can also charge your AirPods with a wireless charging device like the AirPower pad. And if you really need some juice and don’t have time for any of that, you can bring your AirPods into any Apple Store or contact them directly at: 1-800-MY-APPLE.

Charging Case

It’s important that you can tell whether your device is fake before it reaches the hands of someone you care about. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can do so – with the easiest being checking the charging case. If your Apple box has a sticker on it then it’s original and unopened – however, if it has nothing then you’ll need to take matters further. One way is to look at the back of your earbuds: do they have a serial number and is that number inside the Real circle? If not, then they’re likely fakes. Or how about their build quality? High-quality Apple products like these will be crafted and will feel expensive but cheap counterfeits won’t quite hit that mark.

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